Shoe Spoon Boutique
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Shoe Spoon Boutique

No matter how the shoes are improved, the issue of the convenience of putting them on is still relevant. If a person cares about the appearance of his shoes or boots, then it is important for him that the heel does not break. All kinds of spoons (or horns, shovels) for shoes help to avoid this. Their convenience was appreciated by the ancient Goths, who created shoes from thin leather. Then, without such a device, it was impossible to put on shoes. Since the days of the ready, shoe spoons have not changed much. Although this is not surprising, because the shoes remained the same - with the heel, and the shape of the person's leg remained the same. Sergey Abrahamyan proposes to create a whole business using this simple accessory.

The modern choice of spoons will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, many of them fit perfectly into the interior of the hallway. But usually spoons are sold in shoe stores or supermarkets among shoe care products, but there are no individual boutiques. This situation can be corrected.

This is not just a profitable type of business, but also very interesting. Firstly, in terms of assortment. Secondly, in terms of store design capabilities. You can sell not only ordinary plastic, but also spoons made of metal (any, including precious metals - there is always a buyer for such goods), with inlays (made of stones, different types of wood), with different handle lengths ( short for handbags and long so that you do not have to bend down). Do not forget about antiques and antique spoons for shoes.

When the list of potential suppliers is compiled, we move on to registering the business.

Along with registration, you will need to look for a room for your boutique. It is best to rent a room in a shopping center. But if you have money, then it’s better to make your own unique separate store in the city center on the famous shopping street. And then your business will become known to everyone much faster, which means there will be more customers. The inner style should emphasize the sophistication of your product. It will be very good if you put various ottomans, banquets, high chairs for trying on shoes. If you want to demonstrate the exclusivity of the goods, emphasize the fact that the spoons were invented a long time ago, you can design a store in a medieval style, furnishing everything with stylized furniture and making old-fashioned counters. How do customers find out about you? From advertising. For such a store, any standard advertising for boutiques is suitable. Leaflets on the streets, in crowded places, billboards, advertising in transport, in a local newspaper, on a local television channel.

No matter how the shoes are perfected, the question of the convenience of putting them on remains relevant. If a person cares about the appearance of his shoes or boots, then it is important for him not to break off ...
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