Pixel Collection Anya Hindmarch Fashion show of the Anya Hindmarch women's winter shoe and accessories collection 2016
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Pixel Collection Anya Hindmarch

There is some unspoken rule in the design of clothes and shoes - autumn and winter - time for more restrained tones. However, real success often comes to those who are not afraid to act against the rules, and such revolutionary behavior ultimately changes the view of familiar things. Anya Hindmarch shoe and accessories brand is an example of this approach. 

A distinctive feature of this luxury brand is its color variety and funny details - painted eyes, fried eggs, smiley buns, and, finally, pixel figures of the Space Invader from the popular computer game 80's, which became the main element of the brand's next bright collection in the season autumn-winter 2016

Anya Hindmarch Tennis Shoes (£ 295)

“I became interested in the topic of digital design as art and decided to start its study from the beginnings - from the graphics of the first arcade games,” says the founder of the brand, British designer Anya Hindmarch, about her Space Invaders collection.

This is one of the first video games that appeared on arcade machines in the 1979 year, it was called "Space Invaders." A primitive pixelated figure of the hero of the game - "Space Invader", one look at which gives rise to an involuntary smile, and has become the main element of the latest brand collection.

Bags from the Anya Hindmarch collection fall-winter 2016

In fact, speaking about the idea of ​​the collection in general terms, the designer is a little disingenuous, because before the Invader figure became an element of design for the bags, ankle boots, wallets, scarves and other accessories of her luxury brand, she became the most common graffiti pattern of Paris and other cities .

Color pixel mosaics with Invader figures under the alias Space Invader in the 90's painted on the walls one of the most famous French graffiti artists. In any city, wherever he appears, amusing drawings of the Invader appeared on the walls of buildings in the most unexpected places. Images in the first video games were very low resolution and therefore well suited for playback as a mosaic, in which a separate tile acts as a pixel. A gradually recognizable image became part of the urban surroundings of the French capital and other cities, in 1998, the Space Invader unauthorizedly placed its Invader even in the interior of the Louvre Museum ... 

Drawing by French graffiti artist Space Invader on a building in New York

Nevertheless, it was Ana Hindmarch who managed to commercialize a great idea. In the latest collection of the brand, the Invader pattern adorns tennis shoes (£ 295), ankle boots (£ 895), bags (£ 1195), clutches (£ 1935), key chains and leather stickers (£ 55).

Interior of Anya Hindmarch Boutique in Osaka

In the style of the new pixel collection, brand boutiques are also being drawn up, the number of which has already exceeded 40 around the world. “We work with the best interior designers in the world, including Ilse Crawford and Martino Gamper. We want to be sure that each of our stores reflects the basic idea that is inherent in our collections - a high level of quality and humor, ”says the Anya Hindmarch website.

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Anya Hindmarch Fall-Winter 2016 Women's Shoes and Accessories Show There is an unspoken rule in the design of clothes and shoes - autumn and winter are the time for more restrained tones. However…
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