Soho Fashion expands portfolio of children's brands
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Soho Fashion expands portfolio of children's brands

Today, in an interview with SR, Jacob Treskov, founder and head of the largest Russian distributor of world-wide footwear brands in the medium plus and the segments, spoke about the state of the Russian market of children's shoes, about how it will be in the short term, about the change in parents’s approach to buying children's shoes. premium ”- by Soho Fashion.

Jacob Treskov Jacob Treskov - CEO of the international distributor SOHO-Fashion 

How do you assess the current state of the market for children's shoes?

Despite the drop in purchasing power due to the impact of the crisis on the economy as a whole, the market for children's shoes looks more stable in terms of the number of pairs sold than the market for adult shoes. According to statistics, the average consumption rate of children's shoes is two times higher than that of an adult, which is directly related to the rapid growth of children and their active image. of life. However, today the market structure has become more polar than it was before. Most buyers began to pay maximum attention to price, while a smaller, but more profitable group of consumers still pays attention to the brand and design in the first place. But in the market of children's shoes, invariably the main thing is the quality of the product, since it directly affects the health of the child.

What awaits the children's shoes market in the short term?

It is unlikely that in the near future we will see a significant growth of the market as a whole. The economy segment of the market suffered less during the crisis, the main blow was in the middle of the market. Therefore, the probability of relatively higher recovery rates for the middle and premium segments is higher than the tangible growth in the low-price segment. After all, caring parents will not want to repeat unsuccessful experiments with cheap, low-quality shoes on their own children only in order to save the family budget.

By what principle does your company select children's brands for presentation on the market?

Soho Fashion offers wholesale customers and sells through its own retail high-quality shoes made from natural or high-tech materials, focusing on loyal consumers of European brands. By the same principle, we have formed a pool of brands for children: Clarks, Pepe Jeans London, EMU Ausrtalia, Tom Tailor. The brand portfolio is selected in such a way as to avoid internal competition between collections and provide a turnkey solution for a wholesale client of any business format: from a specialized children's shoe store to a large multi-profile department store.

What are the benefits of children's collections of the brands you listed?

Clarks - The oldest English brand of shoes for adults, which has been producing children's shoes for more than 170 years, using many years of production experience and the latest modern technology. Clarks children's shoes use premium-quality leather, anatomically calibrated pads, and chemically neutral internal materials. Breathable Ortholite insole with bactericidal impregnation provides excellent moisture removal from the foot. The intermediate gel layer is responsible for additional cushioning and flexibility of shoes, reducing the load on the legs. The Gortex membrane keeps the baby's feet warm and dry. In 2018, a collection born from a collaboration with MARVEL Studios will be presented. The result of this collaboration will be a lineup of sneakers, the prototype of which were superhero costumes. The core of the collection EMu australia are authentic boots made of natural sheepleather, allowing you to comfortably survive the Russian winter. The waterproof upper of the shoe, non-slip sole, and the shape-keeping heel create maximum comfort for children's games on the street in any weather. In the current collection there are models of boots decorated with different animals in the applique, thanks to which the child perceives the shoes also as a toy.

Some models from the children's line of the brand Pepe jeans london is a complete copy of adult models. After all, it is so important for children to be like their parents in everything! In general, the collection stands out by demonstrating the current seasonal trends in design, while observing a construct designed for a children's foot. There are also some differences in the price positioning of brands. For example, collection Tom Tailor offers prices in the middle price range, not inferior to other brands with a higher price level in terms of workmanship and design relevance. Each children's collection of our brands is individual in design, but the common thing between them is that all products comply with quality standards and the requirements for children's shoes in the CIS.

What are Soho Fashion's plans for developing a range of children?

Under the influence of the crisis in the market, the supply of European footwear generally decreased, so we highlighted children's shoes in a separate direction. This mediated the involvement of highly qualified specialists from the children's shoes market in our team. To demonstrate seasonal novelties to potential partners, we organized a specialized exhibition of children's shoes at the Mosshoes spring exhibition. And of course, we continue to attract new eminent brands in our company’s portfolio.

ЕDo you have a unique selling proposition for wholesale partners?

We have successfully used our adult shoe distributor weight to get unprecedented discounts on children's assortment from our suppliers. And similarly, by lowering our own margin, we ensured that the retail prices for children's assortment are lower than in the European market, while not reducing the margin of wholesale customers. And this is not a one-time action, it is a strategic move for the future, supported by long-term agreements with our foreign partners. After all, our main goal is to offer the market a good product at an honest price!

Jacob Treskov told about the state of the Russian market of children's shoes, about how it will be in the short term, about the change in parents’s approach to buying children's shoes today ...
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