Antelope, the legendary brand of children's shoes, will take part in the next industry exhibitions
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Antelope, the legendary brand of children's shoes, will take part in the next industry exhibitions

Brand name Antelope was founded in 1998 and has since become one of the most famous Russian brands of children's shoes. A significant increase in wholesales and high demand among the target audience formed the decision on the need for the brand to participate in industry exhibitions and its further promotion in Russia and abroad.

Until now, only the key partners of the company had exclusive rights to sell the brand's products, exhibitions and sales of collections were held as part of closed presentations from year to year. Author's developments, new technologies and high quality products at reasonable prices inevitably led to the promotion of the brand to the masses. Antelope, as a manufacturing company, considers it its duty to provide as many children as possible with a quality product, to guarantee them comfort and safety in motion.

Factories for the production of Antelope products are located in Russia, Turkey and China. Thanks to this strategy, the company has great opportunities to create and introduce new technologies and successfully compete in its segment of the children's footwear market. Antelope company professionally approaches production and works closely with the international association of orthopedic doctors in the development of their own technologies. The company's production facilities allow it to produce large volumes of products - a full range of children's footwear, including all age groups, a full range of models, the entire assortment matrix, taking into account climatic seasons and weather conditions.

Collections of the Antelope brand are always the author's design and current trends in European fashion, combined with comfort and functionality. The collection of footwear for the Autumn-Winter 2021/22 season has more than 750 sample models, which will be presented at the next exhibitions in full and will be available for order.

The assortment will include: school shoes and accessories, autumn and winter shoes, a festive collection of elegant shoes for special occasions. In the coming season, the Antelope company will present a capsule collection of trendy novelties for the most fashionable and discerning young clients.

Review of the new collection of the Antilopa brand: fashion and comfort for delicate children's feet

The school collection features an assortment of indoor and outdoor shoes with perforated upper, made from natural and recycled sustainable materials.

Genuine leather is part of the entire collection as a lining material and is combined with technological eco-friendly materials for the upper. This synthesis provides comfort and convenience throughout the day, allows the feet to "breathe" and stay dry.

The school collection uses lightweight flexible foam rubber and lightweight TPR soles.

Girls' models have a school anatomical heel. All shoes have a shock-absorbing heel zone, which prevents the child from falling backwards, an elongated heel counter and a reinforced side part for secure foot fixation, correct formation and leg stability. The wide toe section provides free positioning of children's fingers and prevents their deformation. Size range 30-41

Autumn footwear for preschool, school and adolescent age from natural and eco-materials has a 100% natural composition of the lining material: 100% cotton, or an insulated bike containing 80% natural wool.

In the collections of the brand, a special eco-material is widely used, which is one of the author's developments of the company. It is a synthetic material with a natural base - collagen fiber. Along with leather, this material is breathable and physiological, thanks to its soft and flexible base. But it also has a number of advantages: reasonable price, durability and water resistance. Size range 22-41.

The winter collection also uses natural materials and high quality eco-leather with a natural base - collagen fiber. In production, A-TEX climatic membrane is widely used, one of the author's developments of the manufacturer Antilopa.

A-TEX is a special waterproof material (climatic membrane), which is located between the lining and upper materials. The A-TEX membrane has micropores that are 20000 times smaller than a drop of water and at the same time 700 times larger than a vapor molecule, thanks to which this material does not allow moisture to pass into the shoe, removes vapors, which allows the feet to "breathe" and stay dry.

High water resistance and amazing breathability will provide the optimal temperature for children's feet in any, even in the most severe conditions, up to minus 25 degrees Celsius. Size range: 22-41

Winter galoshes are one of the company's proprietary developments, made of rubber (bottom of the shoe) and membrane (bootleg) on ​​a woolen lining.

Galoshes will allow children to walk boldly during the winter thaw, stepping on puddles, preventing children's feet from getting wet. Boots are designed for temperatures from +10 to -10. All prints are original. Size range: 22-41

Author's exclusive for young fashionistas - designer models on contrasting soles with bright fittings and the correct height, effectively lengthen the legs, the silhouette fit emphasizes the grace of the girl's shin and is conveniently fixed with a zipper. Spectacular design and modern proprietary technologies form the capsule collection and make it “smart and beautiful” at the same time.

This is just a small part of the brand's new collection. The entire collection can be viewed at the nearest shoe industry exhibitions (check with the company representatives).

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The Antelope brand was founded in 1998 and has since become one of the most famous Russian brands of children's shoes. Significant growth in wholesale sales and high demand among the target audience ...
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