BADEN. 2019 year - the cult of casual sports shoes
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BADEN. 2019 year - the cult of casual sports shoes

Sneakers left the gym and conquered the fashion world. Today we combine sports shoes with evening dresses, business suits and casual jeans. Fashionable images in glossy magazines can not do without sneakers. Why did sports shoes once become the subject of desire of every second fashionista? What models to choose in the spring-summer season 2020? We deal with the leader in the production of comfortable shoes - the company Baden.

Cult of comfort

Baden experts recall that more than a century has passed since the world saw the first sneakers. Already in the 19 century, it became clear that society needed inexpensive, comfortable and functional shoes. Then, in 1882, they released an innovative sports model - sneakers. Without knowing it, they became the instigators of the fashion revolution, the revolution that was reflected in the new collection of the Baden Active fashion line.

Modern sneakers embody bold design ideas, innovative materials and comfort in every seam. Baden designers were among the first to catch the global trend for sports shoes and create the highest quality solution to fashionable requests. So the record-breaking Active lineup was born.

Global fashion appreciated sneakers only a couple of years ago, and designers, as if by agreement, began to release models in sports shoes on the catwalk. It was then that society looked towards comfortable shoes, forgetting the trend for suffering for the sake of beauty. Sneakers have come a long way from sports equipment to casual shoes, and modern models from the Active line are appropriate even for office and evening dress codes.

Today, sneakers are in everyone’s wardrobe: classic white, athletic running, bright neon and even rhinestone models. A meeting of directors or an opera - you will not surprise anyone anymore from a flying dress or business suit, which is complemented by stylish sneakers. Modern mods place convenience at the forefront, abandoning tight shoes. Together with the cult of sneakers, the society created for itself a cult of comfort, which was reflected in the Baden Active line.

Fashion trends 2020 of the year

Baden designers note that along with fashion for comfort, love for bright colors, daring design and non-trivial forms came. Specialists caught the desire of the public and released collections of bright models that become a strong accent of the whole image.

At the peak of popularity next year - sneakers on a massive sole with neon accents. The Active lineup has replenished with current models and instantly broke sales records, displacing the remaining collections. Bright sneakers instantly become the center of the image, attract eyes and help to place accents. In addition, fashionistas will appreciate not only a striking design, but also the comfort of a new generation of sports shoes.

When it comes to sneakers, even a person far from fashion understands that we are talking about quality and convenience. Indeed, modern sports shoes have become high-tech and one of the most thoughtful in the market. In Baden, soles are made from ultralight polymers, shock absorbing inserts are added to them, and the upper is sewn from high-quality leather. The production and search for new solutions for the Active line has become a separate science that seeks to make our walk easier.

Next summer, Baden designers celebrate the incredible popularity of sandals with massive soles. Specialists called such models simply - ugly shoes. In the SS2020 season, they break records of popular love and appear on the pages of all fashion magazines, as well as on the feet of all lovers of comfort. Baden designers added such models to the collection, combining the convenience of sneakers, all the advantages of the sole and a daring design that attracts fashionistas.

The trend for suffering in the name of fashion has passed, it has given way to conscious consumption, self-love and comfort. Walking in tight shoes is no longer just uncomfortable, it is considered a fashionable crime.

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Sneakers left the gym and conquered the fashion world. Today we combine sports shoes with evening dresses, business suits and casual jeans. Fashionable images in glossy magazines do not ...
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