Baden Continues Franchising Network Development
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Baden Continues Franchising Network Development

Baden continues to expand its franchised store network, which now has over 50 locations. Over the past few months, new chain stores have been opened in Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and Cheboksary, and new retail stores in Novosibirsk and Ufa are preparing to open. The stores in Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny were reconstructed.
Baden strives to diversify its own product mix, trying to quickly respond to new market needs. Recently, the brand’s assortment has expanded significantly, now men's shoes are also presented in Baden stores, the Baden Active youth shoe line has appeared, and production of shoes made of artificial materials under the Fassen trademark has begun.
“In a difficult economic situation, we continue our development, responding to the market demand for cheaper products. In 2016, we launched the new Fassen brand, the products for which are manufactured at the same facilities as Baden, this guarantees high quality, and the use of cheaper materials, including artificial leathers, ensures low production costs, ”says the director on the development of Baden Vitaly Stepin. - The new brand combines functionality and modern trends. Currently, Fassen shoes are represented in all Baden brand stores and are in great demand among buyers. The launch of the new brand allowed us to significantly reduce the average retail price, while actually maintaining it at the pre-crisis level. This has a positive effect on the turnover and allows not only to retain old, but also to attract new customers.
In addition, we have significantly expanded the range of the Baden brand by launching the new Baden Active line. The lineup includes models for outdoor activities - sneakers, sneakers, slip-on shoes, dutiks, outdoor shoes. The price segment is below average. The decision to launch a new line was dictated by the desire to attract the attention of a younger audience, which is possible only if you take into account current trends in the fashion world. ”

Franchise Terms of Service Have Not Changed

The company continues its expansion in the Russian regions, expanding the franchise network. Working conditions with the franchisee have not changed, says Vitaly Stepin. “We still do not have royalties, we, as before, provide retail equipment for leasing for a year and pay 50% of the cost of the sign. We are always ready to help with the formation of the assortment for the season and timely deliver the ordered goods. Three times a season we provide individual layouts for redesigning each of the existing stores. Despite expanding our own assortment, we still leave the franchisee the right to independently create up to 40% of the store’s assortment with the involvement of third-party suppliers, ”explains Vitaliy Stepin. A new store can be opened both in street retail and in a shopping center. If this is a separate building, then it should be located on the central, historically established shopping streets, if we are talking about shopping centers, then preference is given to objects of class "A".

The store’s concept is based on modular equipment and colorful posters.

The interior of the BADEN store is a business card of the company, it forms the customer’s view of the brand and affects his first impression of the brand no less than the shoes themselves. In modern retail, the importance of the interior can not be overestimated, because sales depend on it in many respects. The interior design of the Baden store was developed taking into account modern retail technologies and merchandising principles. The modular design of the equipment makes it easy to adapt it to any retail space, and its high functionality and attractive design make it possible to demonstrate the best qualities of our products and make maximum use of the retail space.

The main idea when creating the interior concept was the idea that the store should not be static, it, like everything else, should be changed in accordance with the current color schemes. This is due to the presence in the store of a large number of interchangeable posters that occupy central places in the interior. Simple equipment designs and a neutral white background create beautiful display cases for shoes and allow the store to easily accept color updates, completely modifying the space and changing the appearance of the entire trading floor. A light atmosphere creates the mood for shopping, and seasonal updating of posters arouses interest in the buyer, inviting him to the store.

Particular attention in creating the interior was given to lighting. The use of modern fixtures of various types allowed us to create a unique atmosphere in the store and to emphasize the advantages of our products.

Each Baden store has an excellent assortment and an interior concept thought out to the smallest detail. That is why Baden stores rightfully occupy the best places in modern shopping centers, harmoniously coexisting with the leading manufacturers of European shoes.

Baden continues to expand its franchise store network, which currently has more than 50 ...
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