BASCONI continues to develop retail in Russia and abroad
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BASCONI continues to develop retail in Russia and abroad

In a situation where a large number of foreign brands stopped working on the Russian market, BASCONI https://basconi.su/ enhances the recognition of its own brand in Russia and continues the development of the franchise network. Vitaly Ifraimov, one of the owners and copyright holders of the BASCONI trademark, spoke about plans for development in the Russian market Shoes Report.

The economic and political situation today is quite difficult, but brand BASCONI remains in Russia and continues to invest in the development of its franchise network, wholesale direction, why?

– For more than 20 years we have been successfully present on the world market, and the BASCONI branded network includes more than 50 stores that are open in different cities of Russia and in other countries. In today's economic situation, when a large number of international brands have left the Russian market, there are new opportunities for expansion.

Therefore, despite the new challenges that come from outside, we are ready to overcome difficulties and continue to invest in development, work on the collection, strengthen our online presence, and plan to further expand our own franchise project. The BASCONI brand is also successfully sold on all major online marketplaces - Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozon, Rendez-Vous. We see great potential for growth in the global market and are moving in this direction.

Do you have any specific plans for the development of your franchise network for this year?

- Now it is very difficult to plan something, the whole world is frozen in terms of forecasts and actions, many projects are at the stage of discussing the terms of cooperation, searching for the best locations. However, we are very optimistic and ready to act decisively. In the fall, we expect an increase in the activity of potential franchisees. To do this, we are ready to offer different options for retail formats, in this regard, our franchise may be of interest to both entrepreneurs starting a business from scratch, and shoe retail owners who are ready for rebranding.

We aim to attract partners to open new points of sale in cities with a population of 200 or more. We help our franchisees in selecting premises, assessing traffic, drawing up a business plan, interior design, advertising support, and also advise on the store's product content. Investments in the opening of a Standard format store amount to about 8 million rubles, including inventory for the season. On average, this amount of investment is returned in 1,5-2 years, which is a very good indicator today.

In which Russian cities do you plan to open new BASCONI stores?

– We are ready to offer special conditions to franchise partners for opening retail in strategically important cities for us - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi. We are ready to share investments in the opening and development of the BASCONI branded store with our franchisees. Today we are the only ones who offer such conditions.

BASCONI is an Italian brand, and now many European brands in Russia are experiencing problems with both logistics and production. Have you faced the same difficulties?

– The BASCONI brand is of Italian origin and has an international registration. At the same time, our main production is located in China. As you obviously know, all the world's logistics companies are represented in China, and now we have fully developed a system for delivering goods both to Russia and to other countries. One of the significant competitive advantages of BASCONI is the ability to ship goods to partners directly from a warehouse in China, both to Russia and anywhere else in the world. Over the years, we have built an efficient transport infrastructure; delivery of goods to Russia usually takes about three weeks. Of course, force majeure circumstances such as quarantine, queues at customs, borders, and so on are not ruled out. But we have long established ourselves as reliable suppliers, and, together with our manufacturers, we make every effort to ship goods on time as early as possible, taking into account all transport and customs nuances. Even during the pandemic, we provided our partners in Russia with new collections in a timely manner.

Has the price of BASCONI shoes increased this year due to the rise in the cost of logistics services, the rise in prices for materials and components?

- The global rise in prices for all types of raw materials and components, of course, leads to an increase in the cost of our goods. Among other things, there are local factors in the form of an increase in the cost of transport and logistics services, the instability of exchange rates, which also affect the final price of the product. Of course, we try to keep prices down, looking for different options. In particular, some time ago we reduced the number of pairs in the box, both in the men's and women's collections, and we work according to individual sizes. All this ultimately leads to a reduction in the financial burden on our partners, an increase in sales, minimization of balances, and as a result, a good result for the season.

Please tell us about the new collection of BASCONI shoes and accessories for the Spring-Summer 2023 season!

“With our collection, we will prove that shoes are a key part of the image. The main trend in the design of this season with us is a holiday without a reason, which everyone missed so much during the pandemic. In the collection, we embodied our vision of the fashion of the future, we got a futuristic direction combined with a classic form, so we will present a lot of shoes with unusual heels and even clogs. Part of the collection is based on pure colors, but there are also combined models of muted-saturated shades. All this will allow our customers to experiment with images every day, to combine multi-colored things with each other. Separately, I note that our entire collection of shoes, which is presented in Russia, was created taking into account the anatomy of the Russian foot. As for BASCONI bags, these are always original designs and bold solutions. When creating a collection of bags, designers took into account all the world fashion trends from well-known European brands: there are also sharp geometric shapes, original fittings, color schemes and impeccable quality of materials of different textures. A bag from the BASCONI brand will allow you to create the perfect look in various stylistic directions. And, it is a great pride for us that for the first time this season we have expanded the assortment of the accessory group, we have sunglasses, belts, scarves and stoles.

This year, the BASCONI brand will traditionally take part in industry exhibitions in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Alma-Ata, and we are very happy to invite everyone to our exhibition stands. Already in August 2023, we will be presenting the new Spring-Summer'23 collection to buyers, we will tell you about all our plans and new projects.

What steps is your company taking to promote the brand?

– First of all, we focus on brand promotion online. We interact with social networks, connect instant messengers, launch a new website that will become a “virtual showcase” of the brand, and develop a mobile application. Now we are working to ensure that in each of our blogs on social networks, on the brand website there is information both for the end consumer and for our potential partners in retail development, for wholesalers. will be able to clarify the addresses of our stores, get acquainted with the novelties of the collection. Wholesale buyers and those wishing to cooperate will receive information about the options for cooperation with our company. For them, the BASCONI website will soon offer the service of maintaining a "Personal Account" with the possibility of placing orders online.

Information about the company:

BASCONI is an Italian footwear brand in the medium plus segment. Part of the BASCONI/VITACCI brand portfolio. The head office is located in Moscow, design bureaus are located in China and Moscow, shoes are made in factories in China. BASCONI shoes are sold in Russia and the CIS countries, presented in many multi-brand stores and on leading online platforms. The BASCONI branded retail network includes more than 50 stores in Russia and abroad.

In the situation of the termination of a large number of foreign brands on the Russian market, BASCONI https://basconi.su/ strengthens the recognition of its own brand in Russia and continues to develop…
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