Brand BADEN- shoes for those who love comfort
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Brand BADEN- shoes for those who love comfort

For more than 15 years, the company has been producing and selling high-quality women's shoes, characterized by incredible comfort and modern design. “Quality is the only thing that withstands the test of time,” the company believes, therefore pay particular attention to the choice of materials for the production of shoes.

Throughout the years of work, the company's technologists have worked to improve the designs, achieving unsurpassed comfort and unique ease of models. Only with knowledge of how the human foot works can truly truly comfortable shoes be created. BADEN shoes are created using the latest technologies in the field of orthopedics and materials. Careful elaboration of details turns your every step into a pleasure. In BADEN shoes, a person feels as natural and comfortable as possible: she does not fetter a leg, which means that it does not deform joints, does not disturb blood circulation, and correctly transfers the load to the spine.

Innovative solutions and up-to-date design solutions are at the heart of the new collections of the spring-summer 2015 and autumn-winter 2015/16 seasons.

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Quality materials. Using Natural Eco-Friendly

materials that have passed international quality certification, allows you to create shoes that meet the high requirements of the most demanding modern consumer. The main material for the manufacture of shoe upper is high-quality facial leather with through-staining, as well as nubuck. Shoes made from such materials retain their qualities for a long time and have a magnificent textured pattern that gives individuality to each pair. Genuine leather lining provides the perfect microclimate for your feet.

Due to the elasticity of the leather, the shoes stretch well and take the shape of the foot, guaranteeing convenience and comfort while walking. Genuine leather lining provides the perfect microclimate for your feet.

For the production of winter shoes, the fur and wool of Australian sheep is used. The structure of the sheepleather hairs creates an air layer, which is an excellent heat insulator, thereby providing dryness and warmth in the cold season. At the same time, the sheepleather has excellent anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes wound healing and relieves swelling. This is due to the beneficial elements contained in it, and especially lanolin, a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substance.

Lightweight modern sole materials. Thanks to the use of modern ultralight EVA polymer in production, BADEN specialists were able to reduce the weight of the sole by 4 times! EVA, possessing high cushioning properties, relieves shock load on the foot and creates unique walking comfort. The ability to maintain elasticity makes the polymer an indispensable material in the manufacture of shoes. Specially designed profile lines of the sole allow the shoe to bend in all directions, making walking comfortable throughout the day. Winter models of shoes are produced with a special non-slip prophylaxis from high-quality rubber with a unique pattern, which provides excellent stability on slippery surfaces and eliminates the need for additional application. Another innovation in the winter collection is the two-component sole. It is made of polyurethane, and its chassis is made of durable wear-resistant rubber, which provides simultaneous lightness and stability on slippery surfaces.

High tech. Caring for the comfort and hygiene of the feet in the summer, experts have developed models unlined shoes. There is no lining in shoes made by this method, which increases the flow of fresh air and creates the perfect microclimate for your feet. After a short sock, the unlined upper takes the shape of a foot and allows you to wear your shoes on your bare foot, which guarantees freshness and coolness on hot summer days.

thanks increased pad completeness with a wide toe, BADEN shoes are comfortable to wear all day, even though your foot volume may vary throughout the day. Elastic stretch inserts allow model shoes to have adjustable completeness and adapt to the individual characteristics of your feet.

BADEN Insoles contain a unique silicone insert in the heel, which provides an additional shock-absorbing effect.

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For more than 15 years, the company has been producing and selling high-quality women's shoes, characterized by incredible comfort and modern design. “Quality is the only thing that stands the test ...
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