CAPRICE fall-winter 2015 / 16: new opportunities for a beautiful business
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CAPRICE fall-winter 2015 / 16: new opportunities for a beautiful business

This year the company celebrates the 10 anniversary of its work in the Russian market. This date was approached with huge baggage of achievements. The excellence of technology, combined with the relevance and style consistent with the latest fashion trends, allows the company to increase its presence in global markets from year to year. “Our philosophy is the continuous improvement of shoes,” they say in the company. The ever-growing demand for brand shoes suggests that the company sets ambitious goals and achieves them.

At the height of fashion

In the upcoming Fall-Winter 2015 / 16 season, Caprice continues the idea of ​​combining comfort and style. The company declares its leadership in the market of fashionable and comfortable shoes.

Among the models of low shoes Caprice offers many interesting and fashionable options. Starting from restrained-classical models and ending with fashionably elegant and brightly memorable. Shoes with rounded and sharp toes fit seamlessly into Caprice’s new striking shoe range.

New, sometimes asymmetric lines of the presented models create dynamics. Various combinations of materials with elastic, imitation python leather, as well as silver and gold fabrics and innovative lining provide an updated and attractive appearance of the upper of the shoe. Decorative elements made with love are the highlight of the new collection. Skillfully used accessories: zippers, straps and buckles give the models an updated, fresh face.

The well-known and memorable two-tone finish and the bright design of the sole with an aging effect are just a few more accents that give the new Caprice O / W 15 / 16 collection a unique look.

Many new fashion trends are embodied in the models of boots. Boots with a rounded or pointed toe part significantly expand the presented assortment of the new Caprice collection, realizing all the wishes and dreams of customers. The use of expensive noble materials, soft leather, flexible soles, as well as fashionable forms of the shaft create a seductive combination of style and comfort.

The new Caprice collection not only follows all the current trends of classic fashionable shoes, but also offers innovative and attractive models of sneakers and “shoes” (including with laces). In the season “fall-winter 2015 / 16, customers will be able to appreciate the stylish sporty character of the presented models.

In wellness style

Quality of life, comfort, relaxation ... all those concepts that include the concept of wellness are fully implemented in Caprice shoes. It is no accident that a butterfly is depicted on the brand logo. “A man travels a distance equal to the length of 4 equators in his life. We want to make this path comfortable, as if you are moving through the air. Our goal is to constantly improve walking comfort, ”the company does not hide its ambitions. Moreover, it is possible to fully implement the plan. Each season Caprice presents not only a new collection, but also new production technologies aimed at improving shoe comfort.

The collections feature models with increased completeness, the ideal form of a vamp and a flexible sole. In addition, patented onAIR insoles are used, as well as heels with Antishokk technology. A growing number of models are additionally equipped with removable insoles. To keep your feet warm during the cold winter days, a warming plush lining is used, and sometimes exclusive materials such as sheep’s wool or natural fur are used. Perhaps, not a single collection was so full of ideas of convenience, everyday practicality and pragmatism. In the “Autumn-Winter 2015 / 16” collection, models with the new innovative Prima Loft insulation have appeared, which makes the models suitable for a changing European climate.

Beauty will save the world

To emphasize once again the relevance and modern style of its models, Caprice signed a contract with Miss Spain -2014 Desiree Cordero Ferrer. 21-year-old beauty from Seville has become the face of the brand. She will present the best CAPRICE models as part of the Fall-Winter 2015 / 16 extensive campaign.

“Beauty is about beauty,” says CAPRICE Managing Director Jürgen Kölsch. “In the new collection, we have taken a significant step towards fashion trends.” Thanks to innovative production technologies, Caprice shoes give women a sense of comfort and lightness. It is these merits of the brand that will be represented by Desiree Cordero Ferrer.

Visitors at EuroShoes will see the benefits of the new Caprice collection at Caprice's fashion shows

This year the company celebrates the 10 anniversary of its work in the Russian market. This date was approached with huge baggage of achievements. Technology excellence combined with relevance and style ...
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