Cofra: Born to work
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Cofra: Born to work

When looking at any of these models, the question arises: “How much? How many sizes are there? " When you look at any of these pairs of shoes, you ask, “How many? How long will it last? " Tell me, finally, how much ?! How many models are in the collection? These are the questions that were raised on October 21 in Moscow at the presentation of safety footwear by the Italian company Cofra. It became an excellent example of an original promotion strategy, and the shoes themselves turned out to be a treasure trove of technological innovation.

Which is quite logical - the requirements for the comfort and safety of work shoes are much higher than for everyday ones. So that it does not burn in fire, does not drown in water, does not torn under a chainsaw and at the same time retains all the attributes of comfortable shoes - light, comfortable, breathable. In fact, this is exactly what Italian specialized footwear manufacturers have been working on for over 70 years. In Russia, the interests of the company are represented by the only official distributor, the Clothes for Work Agency (ODR).

In modern conditions, one of the main issues is how to make shoes easier. Cofra technologists in the new collection use a Top return toe cap with an elastic effect instead of a metal one. As a result, the weight of this part is almost halved - from 90 grams to 50. And if you replace the traditional metal insole with the Art plate insole, you can save another 15 g (the Art plate weighs 50 g instead of the usual 65 g). At the same time, the main protective quality of the material is preserved - the insole, like the metal, remains anti-puncture. During the presentation, viewers were invited to try to pierce the insole with nails themselves, promising a prize to the one who did it. Attempts by visitors to the presentation were unsuccessful - the prize remained in the company, and the insole was unharmed.

Equally important is the issue of comfort. To make shoes more comfortable, Cofra uses several tricks. Firstly, the boots are easy to remove from the feet thanks to a special rush on the heel. Secondly, to mitigate the impact of the foot on the ground, a natural shock absorber is used, thanks to the ultra-soft material, it is suitable for all types of heels. Thirdly, shock absorbers are used even in the insoles - the shock absorbing Sany gel is introduced into the heel, and the soft laying in the metatarsal area in the Metatarsal support insole allows you to stabilize the foot position even on uneven surfaces.

To ensure dryness, Cofra shoes have a whole range of technologies: a two-layer Dri-lex material, in which the upper layer absorbs excess moisture and the lower layer of Hidrofil yarn absorbs and removes it; the upper layer of the soft bed insole (the lower layer is designed to reduce shock loads and good grip); FelTec felt insole; Cambrelle polyamide lining.

Special offer - technological innovations that reduce the risk of certain situations. For example, when you need to quickly untie the boot, the Clip duck system is used, this device easily allows you to remove shoes with one hand. Other models use the Scatto quick-release shoe system: a simple pressure on the side buttons allows you to quickly take off your shoes in difficult situations.

During the presentation, a defile of all the main lines of Cofra took place: “Work”, “Construction”, “White Line” (shoes for physicians and food industry workers), “Specialist” (shoes for special conditions, for example, not leaving marks on the newly laid on the asphalt, or shoes that can withstand the effects of chainsaws), “Winter”, “Sport” (outwardly the shoes look really sporty, but these are professional shoes - with all the necessary attributes).

“Agency“ Clothes for Work ”built a fashion show on the game of contrasts. Songs of the Soviet era, as it turned out, can quite organically be combined with modern music styles. In addition, all specialized shoes were masterfully demonstrated by leading Moscow models. Fragile graceful beauties and brutal machos with saws and drills in their hands - the sight was stronger than movie hits with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

All models were projected in parallel with the defile on a screen that displayed complete information about the technical specifications: “Top - water-repellent grained leather, Soft bed insole, sole - Extreme polyurethane / thermo-polyurethane, gel insert in the heel area, toe cap - composite Top return, anti-puncture insole Art plate. " After the catwalk, the shoes lay in bulk on a stylized podium in front of the guests of the enchanting show, so that they could study each pair in detail, discuss commercial and technical issues with the company's experts and agree on supplies.

When looking at any of these models, the question arises: “How much? How many sizes are there? " When you look at any of these pairs of shoes, you ask, “How many? How long will it last? ”...
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