Italian brands go to Euro Shoes
20.02.2021 4325

Italian brands go to Euro Shoes

International Footwear Exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection is preparing to open in Moscow and announces that even more Italian footwear and accessories brands will be presented in its March session.

Some of the brands have already participated in the exhibition and this year have returned to the ranks of the Euroshoes exhibitors, but there are also absolute newcomers.

I would especially like to note the appearance of a premium shoe brand among the exhibitors Marzetti... The brand of the Marzetti family, with forty years of history, is distinguished by a love of innovation in the production of footwear. In particular, the company prides itself on its non-glue-free footwear, which makes women's shoes especially lightweight and flexible. Another feature of the brand is definitely the design. Models of Marzetti women's footwear are remembered for their spectacular colors, catchy details and seasoned European style.

A positive outlook on design and trend knowledge is reflected in the footwear brand NilaNila... The products of this brand are offered in the category "medium", "medium plus". The collection includes both classic models of boats and ankle boots, as well as brutal boots, light sneakers on a high platform, and of course topical Chelsea - in a variety of shapes and colors.

Bag brand Marina C captivates by knowing the tastes of the Russian audience. The founders of the brand, Giammarco Marzialetti and his wife, Victoria Litovchenko, are committed to success in Europe and Russia. The exhibition will feature bags and accessories made of genuine leather, distinguished by a positive color scheme and careful attention to detail - nothing superfluous, style, quality and good mood.

IMAC - a constant participant in the exhibition, but no less in demand for this, since the collection of this Italian brand contains shoe models for all family members (men, women and children). The brand offers the best combination of price and quality - Italian design and first-class materials (genuine leather, polyurethane).

Home shoes originally from Italy are traditionally presented at Euroshoes at the company's stand AXA... AXA slippers, in addition to comfort and good looks, have a pleasant long-lasting floral scent. The use of Deo Push technology allows maintaining the preservation of the aroma for the entire period of use of the shoe.

Models of Shoes for men and women, designed with particular attention to comfort, are presented at the stand Igi&Co... Lightness, flexibility, additional support of the foot are the advantages of this brand's footwear, which, among other things, is “friendly” with Gore-Tex technologies. The top of the shoe is made of genuine leather, design and production are Italian.

The Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition of European footwear will be held in Moscow from 1 to 4 March in the Main Stage space.

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The international footwear exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection is preparing to open in Moscow and announces that even more footwear brands will be presented in its March session and ...
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