Fagus-GreCon: Shoe pads, design and sole molds from one source Advertising
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Fagus-GreCon: Shoe pads, design and sole molds from one source

The creation of high quality and comfortable shoe lasts has been the motivation of Fagus-GreCon for over 100 years.

Fagus-GreCon was founded by the Gretin family in 1911 in the town of Alfeld (near Hanover, Germany), where it is currently located. The company is currently run by the fifth generation of the Gretin family. The building, which houses the production of blocks, was designed and built in 1911 by one of the most famous German architects Walter Kropius; in 2011, it received UNESCO World Heritage status.

GreCon is a market leader in the development and manufacture of electronic measuring systems and fire protection systems in various industries, including footwear.

Fagus is known worldwide as a leading supplier of quality shoe pads and shoe molds and infusion molds. Fagus is developing innovative solutions for shoe production customers from all over the world. Due to the presence of subsidiaries in Thailand, Portugal, Belarus and the Czech Republic, the company can offer products and services with optimal logistics schemes.

The presence of qualified personnel using all the accumulated experience, as well as high-tech equipment, allows Fagus to offer its customers with direct soles injection technologies an exclusive service: a “package” of shoe pads, sole designs and injection molds. Fagus GreCon specialists in all areas will develop an individual concept and translate it from idea to production of mass-produced products. The concentration under one roof of experience, competencies and technologies for projects in the field of direct infusion of soles and automated shoe production is a competitive advantage of our company. The foundation for everything is the Fagus pads. For the manufacture of pads and molds, the same data packet is used. This eliminates the problems of their pairing. Production is left only completely consistent with each other pads and forms.

Fagus pads are made of high quality high density polyethylene. Along with the use of metal parts of special hardening, this ensures a long life cycle of the pads. Thanks to the use of the latest SDF technology by Italian company Newlast, all Fagus pads are manufactured with the highest precision and absolute repeatability in series.

Everyone who talks, thinks, designs and manufactures a product with Fagus get solutions from one source. Even if you decide to order only a part of Fagus products, you will always get know-how from related fields.

Contact the Fagus-GreCon specialists:

+ 49 5181 790 240 fagus@fagus-grecon.com
+ 375 25 780 7167 mikalai.katsuba@fagus.com

The creation of high-quality and comfortable shoe pads has been the motivation of Fagus-GreCon for over 100 years.
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