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In the new spring-summer 2021 season, the German brand Tamaris, in addition to the main collection, will present four capsule lines: Tamaris Fashletics, Heart & Sole, PureRelax and GreenStep. Admirers of high-quality and stylish footwear will surely find suitable models among the wide range of the brand.

Take it easy is not only the words from the famous song, but also the leitmotif of the spring-summer collection of Tamaris Fashletics. Sneakers are perfect for everyday activities. Their simple yet striking design makes them the perfect complement to any look.

In the center of the collection are pastel colors: light pink, mint, peach and powder blue. Thanks to them, the shoes give their owner a feeling of freedom and lightness. The combination of leather and nubuck with textile inserts creates a unique style and emphasizes the high quality of these models.

A variety of outsole options - from ultra-light and weightless to chunky, like a tractor-sole - ensure that this collection has the perfect shoe for every woman.

The Tamaris Heart & Sole collection is addressed to women who are hopelessly in love with high-heeled shoes and are ready to wear them all day, every day! The secret of innovative technology is in the orthopedic insole, which relieves the foot in the most important points, which will be appreciated by lovers of jogging in high heels.

In the Heart & Sole collection, every woman can choose shoes to her liking - from classic boats to slingbacks and sandals. The elegance of the models is emphasized by the sophisticated design of the heel: in addition to the block shape and stiletto heels, the collection includes damage-resistant spray-on heels. The color palette amazes with the variety of shades: inspiring blue, fiery and nude harmoniously coexist with pearl, nut and platinum. A clever mix of materials and sophisticated finishes make these pieces a highlight of your wardrobe.

The Tamaris PureRelax range is trendy, modern footwear with a flawless fit and the highest quality workmanship.

The collection is defined by a unique choice of materials and anatomical RelaxFit cut, made taking into account the individual characteristics of the foot.

In the spring-summer 2021 season, the line amazes with a huge selection of colors borrowed from the colorful and unique world of birds. The attractiveness of the models is emphasized by an interesting finish in the form of metal parts, laser cutting and bright stripes of gold and silver colors.

Step by step towards the future

Tamaris strives to highlight the individuality of every woman. The brand's mission is to create shoes that make every day beautiful and help women discover their unique beauty.

We want to address some of the most pressing problems of our time: the adverse effects of climate change, as well as the scarcity of water and natural resources, and the imbalance between social and ethical standards.

Step by step, we fulfill our obligations to nature and society. Our goal is to make shoe production as environmentally friendly as possible around the world. At the same time, achieving our goals is not a sprint, but rather a marathon.

Easy to say - difficult to do, especially if you don't plan on relaxing your own stringent requirements. We are already taking serious action to reduce water and other resource use, reduce waste, and combat climate change.


We are also aware of the responsibility associated with our own products. In this respect, footwear is a very complex area. If you take into account the number of components involved in the production of shoes, you get a long list of hundreds of items that need to be properly disposed of. Therefore, we rejoice at even small victories and are proud of every common step taken towards the future.

TAMARIS presents the GREENSTEP collection of classic shoes, made using resource-efficient manufacturing processes, which will last much longer than one season. We demonstrate responsible behavior throughout the value chain and are constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement.

We love shoes and the women who wear them. Therefore, we consider it very important to communicate honestly with you and talk openly about the steps we are taking. For our TAMARIS GREENSTEP collection, we apply the highest quality standards: shoes that will stand the test of time.

Few know how many elements a pair of shoes consists of. On average, a single shoe requires dozens of individual parts - all of which require a responsible approach.

The Tamaris GreenStep collection was our first step in this direction as we made some of these components more sustainable. All models are created and supplied in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The shoe itself can be the embodiment of it: we use recycled PET, water-based adhesives, and combinations of leather and innovative materials to make them.

In the new spring-summer 2021 season, the German brand Tamaris, in addition to the main collection, will present four capsule lines: Tamaris Fashletics, Heart & Sole, PureRelax and GreenStep. Fans ...
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