MARCO TOZZI continues large-scale collaboration with Ksenia Borodina
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MARCO TOZZI continues large-scale collaboration with Ksenia Borodina

Continuing exclusive cooperation with Ksenia Borodina is one of the key tools for the MARCO TOZZI brand to achieve one of the main goals - global brand recognition in Russia.

MARCO TOZZI is one of the largest international shoe companies, which is part of the global Wortmann concern. Three years ago, the MARCO TOZZI brand carried out an unprecedented restyling in its 40-year history. Throughout this time, the company takes strong, confident advertising steps that work to increase recognition and aimed at expanding the target audience of the brand.

The new positioning includes the systematic formation of a brand that meets the needs of consumers in different countries. The implementation of the new concept began with a large-scale advertising campaign in Germany. Investments in this project amount to millions of euros every season. According to a recent survey of the population on the popularity of the MARCO TOZZI brand in Germany, the Gruner + Jahr publishing house noted the brand’s popularity growth from 20% at the initial stage to 63% based on the results of the campaign among consumers of the target audience.

German marketing experts are very pleased with the high results of implemented advertising projects.

Along with brand promotion in Germany, MARCO TOZZI, since the spring-summer 2019 season, has been actively investing in the development of the brand in Russia. In recent years, the Russian market has acquired great importance for MARCO TOZZI, the fashion brand sees enormous potential for itself here.

In April, the second large-scale campaign to promote MARCO TOZZI starts together with Ksenia Borodina, a well-known TV presenter and Instagram blogger. Her account has a record number of subscribers - 13,7 million, she is the TV presenter of the popular TV show "Reloaded", which is broadcast every Sunday morning on TNT.

On April 19, April 26, May 17 and May 24, Ksenia Borodina will present four advertising models of the MARCO TOZZI brand to TV viewers in the reboot TV show. In addition to broadcasting, advertising episodes of TV shows will be available online on various resources.

In addition to television broadcasts, an active advertising campaign will be conducted at points of sale offline and online. MARCO TOZZI will provide promotional materials reflecting the global brand advertising campaign with Ksenia Borodina. Our partners will also have the opportunity to place outdoor advertising in the cities of presence of the MARCO TOZZI brand, demonstrating the strong collaboration of MARCO TOZZI, Ksenia Borodina and the TV show "Reloading".

A new collection of this brand will be presented at the shoe exhibition. Euroshoes Premiere Collection.

The continuation of exclusive cooperation with Ksenia Borodina is one of the key tools for the MARCO TOZZI brand to achieve one of the main goals - global brand recognition in ...
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