MASCOTTE relaunches retail format with focus on digital technology
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MASCOTTE relaunches retail format with focus on digital technology

On August 30, the opening of a new MASCOTTE salon in an updated concept took place in St. Petersburg. Particular attention in the concept is paid to digital content that creates a comfortable and exciting shopping experience: screens in the showcase and central areas with image content, information screens around the perimeter of retail equipment, tablets with a convenient user application in the lounge area and at the checkout.

The brand's flagship salon in a new concept was opened in St. Petersburg, on the 1st floor of the Grand Canyon shopping center at 154 Engels Ave. (salon area - more than 200 m²). Its opening marked the transition to a completely new retail concept that fully reflects not only the brand's DNA, but also global retail design trends. The main difference of the new format is the transfer of the most popular and convenient shopping practices and forms for customers from online to offline platforms and combining them with the already familiar practices of classic shopping.

So, thanks to the digital content of the Mascotte salon, customers will be able to see ready-made images and combinations, as well as learn about all the colors and models presented in the brand's line. In the absence of the desired product in the salon, it can be ordered to the store from the central warehouse. To assist in making an immediate purchasing decision, store visitors can view customer reviews of the product on the Mascotte online store site.

In the future, the development of the new retail concept of Mascotte suggests the appearance of augmented reality services and 3D foot scanners in the stores, thanks to which the process of choosing shoe models in the store will become even more technologically advanced. In its new strategy, the brand focuses on redirecting traffic from online to offline, which will help increase traffic to trading platforms and increase the average check amount.

Among other features of the new concept are decor and landscaping that emphasize the eco-trend in retail design, ergonomic fitting areas, a modern and comfortable checkout area equipped with screens broadcasting information about additional services, as well as a stylish seating area for comfortable shopping.

Accent chandeliers, mannequins in the corporate color and pattern, as well as illuminated podiums in the showcase and side panels in wood texture serve as focal points and create a special atmosphere in the salon.

Particular attention in the new concept is given to the Mascotte Lite line, aimed at the young target audience of the brand. This line includes models created for those who love comfortable style and live in the rhythm of their city. In Mascotte showrooms, the area where products from the Mascotte Lite line are located is highlighted with color illumination and an accent sign.

Additionally, it is planned to increase the audience's interest in this concept with marketing activities in the salons of the new format: attracting bloggers and influencers, limited capsule collections and special promotions.

Thanks to the development of a new salon concept, Mascotte will be able to strengthen its position in the market, retaining an existing audience and attracting a new one. In the near future, the brand plans to open several more stores in the new concept.




About the Mascotte brand

Mascotte is a fashion brand specializing in shoes and accessories for women and men, which has been delighting its customers with comfortable, practical and stylish models for more than 20 years.

One of the main reasons for the success and demand for Mascotte products is the constant search for new technologies, quality materials and current trends. The products are aimed at the most active consumers who appreciate a wide range and a well-balanced style. Thus, freedom for creativity and the ability to implement any fashionable images are the key features of the brand. One of the hallmarks of Mascotte is stylish accessories that go well with the brand's shoes.

To date, Mascotte has more than 30 salons throughout Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities.

On August 30, the opening of a new MASCOTTE salon in an updated concept took place in St. Petersburg. Particular attention in the concept is given to digital content that creates a comfortable and exciting shopping experience:…
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