Fashion, ecology, innovation by MARCO TOZZI
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Fashion, ecology, innovation by MARCO TOZZI

In addition to promoting the brand, MARCO TOZZI has been actively working on the new fall-winter 2020/21 collection in recent months. Customers will be presented with modern capsule collections that were developed, successfully introduced two seasons ago, and the absolutely new Safe Step technology, which will be successful and recognized by the consumer. From season to season, capsule collections from MARCO TOZZI underwent qualitative improvements and expansion of the model range.

Innovative technologies, the most daring trendy colors, croco embossed upper materials, snake print, etc .; incredibly relevant, the latest sports soles - all this defines the image of the new MARCO TOZZI fall-winter 2020/21 collection.

Attention to the fashion trend of "sport-chic" remains a priority in the fall-winter collection. Stylish sneakers and sneakers on new soles in trendy, original color combinations made of the latest high-quality genuine leathers and eco-materials - all this determines the image of the new collection. A key place in the fall-winter 2020/21 season is given to capsule collections - such as:

MARCO TOZZI Earth Edition - A vegan and fashionable shoe collection created using recycled and more environmentally friendly materials. The variety of stylistic trends and the model range, from sneakers made from recycled polyester to winter textile boots, also using eco-friendly materials, will make it possible for every customer to make the right, environmentally friendly choice. Environmental friendliness is one of the most popular and useful trends in modern society. With capsule collection Earth edition Our company takes responsibility for the preservation of the environment and continues to take confident steps in the quality development of the brand.

MARCO TOZZI Balance - innovative capsule, characterized by soft materials and the latest shoe technology, offering the perfect combination of fashion, sport and comfort. Specially for the collection Balance technologists developed and introduced an innovative sole: weightless, flexible and as comfortable as possible. The special shape and removable insole provide absolute support in the toe and heel.

MARCO TOZZI Merino - the collection, made of 100% merino wool, is very light, soft, has excellent thermoregulatory properties.

Sports and elegant boots and ankle boots are becoming increasingly popular, which become the basic foundation in the wardrobe of every girl. The MARCO TOZZI collection has also been replenished in the fall-winter season with a model range of shoes with solid soles and a steady heel with the original lacing. Thanks to the vibrant colors combined with the upper materials, classic lace-up shoes take on a fresh, modern look.

New technology provides added comfort. MARCO TOZZI Safe Step - it is an innovative sole that avoids slipping and provides excellent traction even with an icy surface under the most adverse weather conditions.

The focus of the collection is bright color solutions. Juicy ocher, brick, noble shades of brown, juicy red, as well as actual shades of blue will fill each created image with emotion and color. Designers and technologists of the brand carry out tremendous work in search of new solutions so that each pair from the brand MARCO TOZZI made any image unique and unique. The choice of a woman in shoes and clothes is intuitive ... Each pair of shoes in her wardrobe is an emotion, and each pair MARCO TOZZI is a simple answer to a question BECAUSE I WANT.


A new collection of this brand will be presented at the shoe exhibition. Euroshoes Premiere Collection.

In addition to promoting the brand, MARCO TOZZI has been actively working on the new fall-winter 2020/21 collection in recent months.
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