Fashionable, comfortable, environmentally friendly. All about the brand MARCO TOZZI
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Fashionable, comfortable, environmentally friendly. All about the brand MARCO TOZZI

The new MARCO TOZZI autumn-winter 2021/22 collection compares favorably with the previous ones with an even higher level of quality of the materials used and a more global renewal of the assortment. Laconic fittings in combination with the "correct" combination of colors, textures of materials, impeccably traced lines, ergonomics of models and impeccable comfort - this is not the whole list of priority characteristics of the autumn-winter collection.

FASHION has ceased to be something unattainable, inapplicable to everyday life and fleeting. The economic and "pandemic" situations have made their own adjustments in the fashion industry. “Fast fashion” is in a downward trend, as the rapidly changing fashion is no longer of interest to either the buyer, the retailer or the owner-producers of large brands. The MARCO TOZZI collection has undergone colossal changes. We have updated the soles by 50%, creating a laconic, very practical and fashionable assortment. Contrary to popular belief that winter collections in general look darker and gloomy, the designers of MARCO TOZZI have created a collection filled with an incredible palette of colors that will completely satisfy the consumer.

Warm and bitter chocolate in the softest leather looks as presentable as possible, and extra-fashionable in eco-materials and textiles. The color ivory, or light beige - a color that does not leave the minds and hearts of all fashionistas, in combination with powerful trendy soles, is present everywhere in the collection: whether it be trendy lace-up biker boots, ankle boots with high elastic bands and brutal soles or classic textile boots and sneakers.

The insulated winter assortment is complemented by very bright materials and contrasting details. High lacing, contrasting stitching on the welt, an abundance of powerful soles with different patterns and profiles, a variety of structural materials for the upper, deliberately large fittings - all this creates a unique image of the collection of the new autumn-winter season. All this tendentiousness and extra fashionableness fits perfectly into everyday looks.

COMFORT has always been and remains the priority task of the technologists of the MARCO TOZZI brand. We invariably use the FEEL ME insole in 80% of the models to make the step easy and as comfortable as possible for the foot. Almost every model with heels is equipped with Antishokk technology to prevent stress on the spine. The line of the BALANCE capsule collection is also intensively developing and expanding, made of the highest quality softest natural leathers, with optimal support in the heel and forefoot, equipped with a removable insole, including the FEEL ME technology and increased fullness. All models of this capsule are incredibly comfortable, predominantly sporty, casual. The collection has also been supplemented with COMFORT FIT and COMFORTFIT + models. These are fashionable everyday models with increased fullness, so necessary in the collection to meet the needs of a large number of customers. Special attention should be paid to the Slide Reduct capsule, which so far includes 5 models with a special anti-slip sole, specially designed for the autumn-winter collection. All models are also equipped with our FEEL ME comfort insoles.

Safety and comfort are the two main criteria for the accelerating Slide Reduct capsule.

ENVIRONMENTALLY living in the present time is not an easy trend and fashion, it is a real necessity. More and more people are coming to conscious consumption, which means they are choosing shoes from the vegan EARTH EDITION collection. This is the third season of the capsule at MARCO TOZZI. We are actively developing our assortment, filling them with fashionable and up-to-date models. The innovative materials used in the collection are exclusively recycled materials, the soles are 50% PET bottles, and the adhesives are mainly water-based. All technological developments in this capsule of vegan shoes EART EDITION are the work of our research laboratory for many days, the goal of which is the environmentally friendly and reasonable consumption of resources in the shoe industry and absolute harmlessness to humans. MARCO TOZZI hopes that all our research in the field of fashion and science will serve to the benefit and development of your business. The fall-winter 2021/22 collection will become a commercially successful project for our partners, which will invariably lead to further strengthening of relations and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The new MARCO TOZZI autumn-winter 2021/22 collection compares favorably with the previous ones with an even higher level of quality of the materials used and a more global renewal of the assortment. Laconic ...
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