A new Russian brand of women's shoes Razumno entered the market
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A new Russian brand of women's shoes Razumno entered the market

Qualitative simplicity is one of the main values ​​of the new Razumno brand and its founder Alena Lozovskaya, daughter of a shoemaker (Mikhail Lozovsky) and sister of a tailor, as she positions herself on Instagram. The presentation of the brand's collection took place on May 16 in the quiet center of Moscow, in the sculpture workshop Oldich Art & Sculpture, located in the Zamoskvorechye district.

This brand of women's footwear has three unique qualities that are important for the modern consumer striving for sensible consumption: 100% natural materials and components, including a black leather toe and heel, leather sole, stacked leather heel, natural dyed lining and vegetable glue. basis; completely stitched construction, which is very rare today; versatility and convenience of the lineup.

There are only four basic models in Razumno's line: pumps, delenki sandals, loafers and moccasins. Upper material - smooth calfleather and suede, purchased, by the way, at two French tanneries owned by the house of Hermes. Colors - four basic colors: black (in leather and suede), nude, noble brown and burgundy. These are shoes for every day, suitable for the office, and for walks in the park after work, and for going to the theater or museum, a real find for fans of casual style, clean lines and strict forms.

“Our shoes can and should be worn almost daily - to work, to study, for a walk, they should not stand, these are work shoes for every day. Shoes of this design, created without the use of artificial polymeric materials, adapt to their owner in 2-3 days, taking the shape of the foot, ”says Mikhail Lozovsky, the leading fashion designer and designer of the brand. That is why it is suitable even for people with problem legs (valgus, deformity of the toes, different sizes of the right and left legs). “We are trying not to worsen the client's health - we have a minimum heel of 2 cm, while it is leather, not wooden, it absorbs well and reduces the load on the joints and the spine, and the metal instep support,” emphasizes Alena Lozovskaya.

For all its laconicism and the absence of any unnecessary details and decor, Razumno shoes are incredibly feminine, elegant and, at the same time, very modern, they will look harmoniously with any clothes, on slender legs of a woman of any age.

The Razumno brand is a women's line of the Russian atelier Per Nobile, which sews clothes and shoes for men on individual orders. The concept of the women's brand - from raw materials to packaging of finished products - is fully consistent with the sustainable-fashion model: for sewing ladies' shoes, loafers and moccasins, leather remains after the manufacture of men's shoes are used (a kind of waste-free production); models were chosen that can be sewn on only two basic blocks - with a soft bob and with a narrowed nose; Made to Order work scheme excludes overproduction and overstocking of the warehouse - each pair is sewn to order for a specific client; a very meticulous approach to packaging - cardboard boxes with handles so as not to use plastic bags, shoes in durable twill anthers that are suitable for storing anything, and even a card with gratitude to a client in shoe boxes - made of recycled paper interspersed with garden flower seeds, which can be dropped off in the country or at home. In a word - a sensible approach to everything here!

The cost of "reasonable" shoes is 21 and 600 rubles per pair, depending on the model, thanks to the basic shoes, the process of individual tailoring of shoes was three times cheaper compared to men's models (the retail price is only the cost of components and the master's salary). The brand does not have a store, sales only go through online channels. The client needs to come only once to the Per Nobile boutique in Moscow to try on shoes, look at them “live”, and then choose the size, choose the model, color and order there or at home via the website or Instagram. The production time is a week, everything is sewn at the same production in Vladimir as Per Nobile men's shoes, by the same shoe-makers. Well, and in a week the new clothes will be delivered to the client at the specified address.

Qualitative simplicity is one of the main values ​​of the new Razumno brand and its founder Alena Lozovskaya, daughter of a shoemaker (Mikhail Lozovsky) and sister of a tailor, as she positions ...
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