A new generation of comfort. 5 shoe models Allrounder
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A new generation of comfort. 5 shoe models Allrounder

The French brand Allrounder has introduced a new collection of shoes for the spring-summer season of 2020. Models are designed specifically for outdoor activities, city walks and nature trips. According to an official representative of the company, the shoes are so comfortable to wear that you simply don’t want to take them off.

The secret is that when creating the collection, the technologists took into account the anatomical structure of the human foot, and each pair has a removable insole and is equipped with the innovative SOFT-AIR air ventilation system. The system is the pride of the company and the personal development of its specialists. As for the designers of Allrounder, in tandem with the technologists, they made the shoes as appropriate as possible to the latest fashion trends. We suggest you evaluate several new brand models and see for yourself.

1. Laconic gray and bright neon

The gray color, which is universal, blends very well with the fashionable and vibrant neon details in the design of these sneakers. Inside, the comfort of the legs is taken care of: removable insole; 3 centimeter raised, almost weightless sole made of EVA; unique SOFT-AIR system that allows the foot to “breathe”. All these technologies soften the load on the spine and joints of the legs with long-term walking. Thus, these sneakers will become favorite in the wardrobe of active travelers, even within the office dress code.

2. Ugly sneakers continue to be on top

A massive, sometimes very fancy sole, bright color combinations, catchy designs - these are just some of the characteristic features of trendy ugly sneakers. They are very fond of dynamic fashionistas who love to be in the spotlight. In addition to the fashionable design, one of the obvious advantages of this particular model is comfort, a removable insole and a built-in SOFT-AIR air circulation system. You just don't want to part with them!

3. For walks and picnics

The new collection also includes women's and men's trekking boots for traveling. Advantages of trekking shoes: do not get wet, durable and stable on any surface, the sole made of foam rubber levels the bumps on the road. The SOFT-TOUCH system provides ease and softness when walking, and the relief sole does not slip at all. They also feature a removable insole and a SOFT-AIR system. Now you can safely travel anywhere and not worry about the health of your legs.

4. The two are always harmonious

Some models of Allrounder sneakers are presented in the unisex style - they can be worn by both men and women. This universal solution makes it easy to pick up a pair look in the style of family look for any informal event. Genuine leather, nice color, removable insole, SOFT-AIR system - unsurpassed workmanship will only allow you to enjoy a walk without feeling tired.

5. A hybrid of sandals and sneakers

An interesting solution was proposed by the French Allrounder designers for lovers of comfortable and athletic shoes. It turned out a hybrid of sneakers and sandals, which is simply necessary in the hot sunny summer. Combinations of bright colors allow you to combine this model in various ways. The legs in these shoes do not feel any discomfort due to the SOFT-TOUCH system. They are light and, importantly, take care of their owners' feet, thanks to the soft insole and EVA sole. Together, they create the necessary cushioning of the foot.

About Allrounder Brand

The brand was created in 2002 in France by Mephisto. Allrounder - comfortable shoes for daily wear and sports, there is a special line for walking through the woods and traveling in the mountains. Allrounder models are made only from genuine leather. 

Representatives of the company invite wholesale partners to visit the head office of Allrounder shoes in France, where the entire collection is presented! For all questions, you can contact the Commercial Director of Allrounder in Russia. Contact person Semyon Mostovoy, +33 387 23 30 92, semjon.mostovoy@mephisto.com, the official global site - www.mephisto.com)

The company will present a new collection at the exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection from 26 to 29 on August 2019, stand No.4B05. 

The French brand Allrounder has introduced a new collection of shoes for the spring-summer season of 2020. Models are designed specifically for outdoor activities, city walks and nature trips. As stated ...
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