Online meetings with Brazilian shoe manufacturers
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Online meetings with Brazilian shoe manufacturers

From June 21 to July 2, 2021, online B2B meetings with the largest shoe factories in Brazil will be held in Russia and the CIS countries

The meetings are aimed at establishing business contacts between Brazilian shoe manufacturers and partners from Russia and neighboring countries, conducting bilateral negotiations and developing cooperation.

The online event was organized by the Brazilian Footwear Manufacturers Association (Abicalçados) with the support of the Russian office of the Brazilian Export Promotion and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) as part of the Brazilian Footwear government program for the development of the Brazilian footwear industry.

20 manufacturers - 33 shoe brands

Business meetings will be attended by 20 largest shoe factories in Brazilwho will present 33 brands in segments men's, women's, children's and special footwear... Brazilian manufacturers are interested in developing cooperation with Russian companies - footwear distributors, shoe retail chains, boutiques, representatives of the e-commerce sector and other players in the footwear market.

During bilateral online meetings, companies from Russia and the CIS countries will have the opportunity to meet new potential suppliers of footwear, conduct personal negotiations with leaders of the Brazilian footwear industry, and familiarize themselves with the Spring / Summer 2022 collections of the presented brands.

Brazil is a key player in the global footwear market

Brazil, the fourth largest footwear manufacturer in the world, produces more than 900 million pairs of shoes annually, with about 6 factories in the footwear industry. Today, Brazilian footwear manufacturers export their products to 000 countries around the world.

Russia is an important strategic partner for Brazilian footwear companies. For several years, the Brazilian Footwear Manufacturers Association has annually organized showrooms for Brazilian footwear in Moscow, within the framework of which B2B meetings with partners from Russia and the CIS countries were held. This year, given the constraints associated with the pandemic, it was decided to host the event online.

Shoe Industry Leaders

The business meetings will be attended by representatives of the leading Brazilian shoe factories. A number of brands are already represented on the Russian market - as part of the event, they plan to expand their presence in certain regions of Russia and the CIS. These are such companies as: Calcados Beira Rio - the leader of the shoe industry in Brazil; leading Brazilian footwear exporter Grenden; the famous brand of youth footwear and plastic accessories - Petite Jolie; popular in 100 countries of the world brand of ultra-comfortable women's shoes Piccadilly and others.

Female footwear will be represented by 25 Brazilian brands: Actvitta, Andacco, Azille, Beira Rio Conforto, Bracol, Capodarte, CCR Shoes, Cravo & Canela, Dijean, Dumond, Guilhermina, Killana, Luz Da Lua, Marina Mello, Melissa, Modare Ultraconforto, Moleca, Pegada, Petite Jolie, Piccadilly, Renata Mello, Schutz, Suzana Santos, Usaflex, and Vizzano.

Collections male footwear is represented by brands such as: Actvitta, Andacco, BR Sport, Bracol, Kildare, Pegada, and West Coast. 5 brands will also take part in the meetings Children footwear: Bibi, DOK, Molekinha, Molekinho, and Ortope. In addition, the lines of children's footwear will be presented in the collections of the Capodarte, Mellisa, Pegada and Petite Jolie brands.

This year, for the first time, a manufacturer will take part in meetings with companies from Russia and the CIS countries. special footwear (protective, work and professional) - BSB Safety company with the Bracol brand. Moreover, professional footwear will also be presented by the ultra-comfortable footwear brands Piccadilly and Usaflex.

Brazilian companies are interested in finding partners in Russia and neighboring countries for cooperation both in promoting their own brands and in the production of private labels.

Convenient negotiation format

Meetings with Brazilian shoe manufacturers will be held from June 21 to July 2, 2021, in the format of two-way online negotiations on the Google Meet platform with professional support of translators. Participation in the meetings is free.

How to participate:

Companies wishing to attend meetings with Brazilian shoe factories need to until 18 June register on the site www.brazil-onlineb2b.com... Companies from Russia and the CIS countries will be able to select Brazilian companies with whom they would like to hold meetings. The organizer of the event will prepare an individual schedule of personal negotiations for each participant.

For more information, contact the B2B meeting coordinator:

Julia Shkolnaya

phone: + 7 846 359 111 0

whatsapp: +7 937 173 19 27

e-mail: brazil@basyagroup.com



From June 21 to July 2, 2021 in Russia and the CIS countries will be held online B2B meetings with the largest shoe factories in Brazil The meetings are aimed at establishing business contacts between Brazilian ...
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