The Tamaris Experience
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The Tamaris Experience

The independent entry of a foreign brand into the Russian market is always associated with certain risks and pitfalls, which not everyone knows about. Omitting the bureaucratic and legal intricacies of discoveries, the main one is the risk of delay in equipment deliveries, difficulties in construction control and other problems. In this article, we would like to reveal the topic of why it is profitable for a foreign brand to open with the participation of a local equipment supplier.

First, how to create a store

Concept and design. As a rule, the concept is created by HQ and is the same for all stores in all countries. The brand book includes recommendations on the type of equipment, decor, furniture arrangement and lighting. This is ideal when all the details are clearly spelled out. The advantages of developing a concept within a brand are obvious, and a brand can only partially delegate this task to a Russian contractor, for example, in terms of lighting. Local partner, while maintaining quality, saves time and money

1. Foreign equipment is always two cost items: customs clearance and certification. With a local supplier, these items are naturally removed. This means that the brand significantly saves time and money.

2. Fixed prices. A great advantage due to the unstable exchange rate makes it possible to fix prices in rubles for system partners.

3. Construction is usually always carried out by local contractors. In this case, the most important thing is the correct installation of equipment, which very much depends on the level of the contractor. Naturally, remote management of disparate teams is ineffective.

4. Operation of an open store. At a store opening, the work never ends. Maintaining a store during the operational phase is one of the hallmarks of a good local supplier.

5. Operational service. A local supplier is always available to solve current problems, communication between specialists is excellent, there are no difficulties for a joint visit to the site.

The collaboration of the German footwear brand Tamaris and the Russian lighting company Tochka Opora is a vivid example of cooperation between a large international brand and a local supplier. On March 25, 2021, Tamaris solemnly opened a flagship store in Moscow in the MEGA Belaya Dacha shopping center (Moscow region, Kotelniki, 1st Pokrovsky proezd, 5, 1st floor) with an area of ​​103,65 sq. m. The brand paid special attention to the showcase: its height was 5,5 meters with the addition of decorative elements, made according to an individual design project. The Tochka Opory company has developed a draft lighting concept. General standard lighting based on Sputnik 3000 and Vostok 3000 built-in luminaires manufactured by Point of Support and several unique lighting zones: the showcase area and the entrance area.

Tamaris has created a real fashionable space for women, where high quality and stylish models, cozy interiors and excellent service create a pleasant atmosphere for choosing the perfect pair of shoes.

The single-brand store in the MEGA Belaya Dacha shopping center is an example of the successful implementation of the Tamaris system partnership. Currently, 62 Tamaris stores of the "Firm Store" and "Store in a Store" format have been opened in Russia with a total area of ​​4 sq.m. In 000, it is planned to open 2021 more stores throughout the country, which will increase the total area by 40 square meters. Wortmann, which includes the Tamaris brand, has been an international leader in footwear since 2. The growth of the chain of branded stores since 800 and the opening of more than 1967 stores around the world clearly demonstrate the success of the system partnership concept.

The independent entry of a foreign brand into the Russian market is always associated with certain risks and pitfalls, which not everyone knows about. Omitting bureaucratic and legal subtleties ...
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