PETER KAISER – into the future with renewed vigor!
01.02.2022 2045

PETER KAISER – into the future with renewed vigor!

In March 2021, the well-known German brand Peter Kaiser was taken over by two new shareholders. Stefan Frank has been successfully working in the footwear industry for more than 25 years and investors Giza and Jans-Joachim Sander from the Wella dynasty recognized the high potential of the brand and the possibility of its further successful development.

During the pandemic, the emphasis on elegance that distinguishes the style of Peter Kaiser has played a disservice to the brand, as demand for beautiful business shoes for women has declined catastrophically. As a result, shareholders and banks were no longer willing to provide the German company with the financial support it needed to overcome the crisis. The new investors have both the knowledge and the financial capacity to successfully restore Peter Kaiser's position in the market and invest in the development of the collection, technology and brand.

Peter Kaiser is one of the few German shoe brands with a history spanning nearly 200 years. The brand was founded in 1838. The brand's headquarters is still located in Pirmasens, where there is also a 600 m2 brand store, and shoes are made exclusively in Italy and Spain by partners who have been cooperating with Peter Kaiser for many years.

Peter Kaiser operates 10 of its own stores located in top locations in major German cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Munster and Konstanz.

The company continues to develop its know-how, all lasts were acquired through a deal with the previous owners, which traditionally guarantees a great fit on the foot.

The brand strives to preserve the previously accepted principle of shoe production, which is a combination of shoe art and high technology, without these two components it is impossible to create a high-quality product:

“We are constantly improving the functionality of our shoes for your comfort. Our latest development is the beautysoft effect: a combination of three technical features that will give you a completely new walking experience and pamper your feet from day one and with every step. Thanks to this technology, you will feel very comfortable even in elegant shoes with high heels. Beauty and softness are two components of the success of our models!

Our pride is a traditional commitment to elegant style, along with the use of the latest fashion trends, high quality materials and unsurpassed comfort. An eternal classic that meets the highest requirements!”

The collections of Peter Kaiser have all the necessary models of shoes, without which it is impossible to imagine a fashionable wardrobe of a modern woman: classic pumps, elegant high-heeled sandals, elegant boots and boots, casual sport chick models and even wedding shoes. The combination of materials, textures, rich color palette - all this makes Peter Kaiser shoes a desirable and indispensable accessory for any woman, regardless of age.

Under the leadership of the brand's new owners, Peter Kaiser will present its third collection at Euro Shoes in February. We look forward to meeting you at our booth!

The Euro Shoes exhibition will be held on February 21-24 at the Expocentre. Get invitations

In March 2021, the well-known German brand Peter Kaiser was taken over by two new shareholders.
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