BroVanz - exquisite bronze shoe accessories only at Euro Shoes
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BroVanz - exquisite bronze shoe accessories only at Euro Shoes

A favorite pair of shoes requires careful treatment, chic shoes are worthy of premium quality accessories. Made of bronze, fancy in shape, pleasing to the touch and eye, shoe accessories can also become a spectacular interior detail of a shoe store and a stylish hallway. Such exquisite and very necessary items in everyday life in Russia are produced by the St. Petersburg company BroVanz.

The peculiarity of accessories for shoes made of bronze is that the material itself has special properties. Interior items made of bronze are self-cleaning from infectious agents due to the highest antiseptic properties of bronze. Over the years, the products do not lose their noble appearance and can be passed down from generation to generation. Brown-olive patina, the color of aged gold on polished surfaces fascinate, attract the eye, create a solemn mood. Bronze products are pleasant to hold in hands, they cause pleasant tactile sensations.

The St. Petersburg company BroVanz is the only manufacturer of accessories for shoes made of bronze. All production processes are aimed at achieving a high standard, from the concept to the gem quality of each item produced. Products are produced in small batches, which increases its value and uniqueness.

Models of the main line of production are created by artists and patented as author's works. At the same time, the products meet the needs of consumers: BroVanz uses special marketing methods to study the demand for its products and the demand for models and new collections. This makes BroVanz brand bronze shoe accessories a gift corresponding to the high status of a significant person or a worthy organization, and a relevant assortment for shoe stores and events of elite shoe brands.

BroVanz provides comfortable terms of cooperation to wholesale buyers and guarantees the quality and delivery time of the goods, as well as concludes exclusive contracts for the creation of unique products or their batches that will be manufactured for a specific customer.

BroVanz bronze shoe accessory collections include footmen (devices for removing shoes) and shoehorns stylized as an owl, moth, squid and other figures. The items are easy to use, have a branded stylish packaging in the form of high quality ergonomic cases.

We are waiting for you at EURO SHOES 2022, where these and many other products of our production will be shown.

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A favorite pair of shoes requires careful treatment, chic shoes are worthy of premium quality accessories. Made of bronze, fancy in shape, pleasant to the touch and for…
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