Jimmy Baldinini Business Rules
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Jimmy Baldinini Business Rules


“Every collection should be great. It is very difficult. After I made one beautiful collection, I have to make another - no less beautiful, but already different in style. This is what customers demand, they expect it from me, and I cannot disappoint them. What and how to change, I decide, based on my feelings. I’m Italian, and Italian culture has its own particular understanding of taste and fashion. ”

“My collections should sell well. For this, I always leave one part of the collection so that it can satisfy the tastes of a conservative customer, but I work especially hard on the style of the part that is intended for those who crave fashion. ”

"It is very important to create a collection in Italy, because in Italy - the best country for this in terms of opportunities."


“I start selling a collection on the Internet only after a sale, and never before.”

“The main strategy of our company is cooperation on franchising. We strive to open franchised single-brand boutiques in the most dynamic markets in the world. ”


“It all depends on time. Before starting sales, a beautiful picture in fashion magazines is very important. Much depends on the choice of the magazines themselves. ”

“The brand should always be in sight in the capitals, and especially in their elite areas.”

“The best way to promote it is simply to maintain the brand’s prestige and create great collections that surprise customers every time.”


“When a customer enters a store, it is very important to instantly understand what he is looking for. We train sellers every month and tell them about the sales system, teach them how to communicate with the buyer, and explain the features of the collection. ”

“Store directors regularly come to Italy. There, to collect them all, we rent a room with an area of ​​1000 meters. ”

Consumer research

“We do not study consumer tastes. We study fashion trends, and based on them, as well as on the basis of my taste, create magnificent collections that our customers like. ”

Top management

“We have 160 stores around the world, but I work only with professionals who know very well how to manage a store, what is the sales system and are well versed in everything else regarding shoes. “I have several people who help me communicate with shop owners around the world.”


“If I chose a supplier, and he suits me in everything, I don’t change him. We have been working with some partners for 10 years, and for others for 16. These are real professionals - serious and those who never stop developing. ”

The maestro was brief. He had just flown from Samara to Moscow to open a new company store in the Festival shopping center, and seemed very tired. However, typical of Europeans ...
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