Relax Anatomic: uniqueness in comfort!
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Relax Anatomic: uniqueness in comfort!

For many years, the Greek company Relax Anatomic has been producing innovative anatomical shoes that meet the requirements of orthopedic doctors. The Relax Anatomic design meets all the needs of the modern woman who seeks style and comfort. Relax Anatomic shoes offer a wide range of sporty and classic shoes for all ages in high heels, mid heels and flats.

Relax Anatomic is produced by highly professional craftsmen in a factory in Greece, where only luxury natural materials are used. Lacquered soft leather is especially popular - naplak, which has no analogues in quality and color. The company's factory has the most modern machines for the production of anatomical soles and lasts.

Shoe collections are created in a truly unique way. The main differences are that inside the sole consists of several layers of latex, which provides comfort when walking on uneven surfaces.

Two unique technologies are used in the production of Relax Anatomic shoes:

  • Bag ("saketto") - a connection of shoe parts, along which the lining of the shoe is sewn with the insole. As a result, the inner part of the shoe is a single whole - a kind of leather sock;
  • Stitch & Turn ("sewing and turning") - the upper of the shoe is sewn to the sole without attaching to the hard materials of the sole and turned inside out. Combined with the right last, this ensures a perfect fit to the foot and guarantees maximum comfort.

Relax Anatomic models have a huge advantage over other brands:

  • the insole will not peel off, will not doubt and don't rub your leg;
  • shoes fits perfectly on the leg;
  • the foot in the shoes moves naturally, the shoes are comfortable to wear;
  • flat-soled shoes soft and flexible, since the main (frame) insole is missing in the models.

Relax Anatomic shoes are perfect for women with injured and problematic feet, who are especially acute and even painful during the day. The insoles have arch support, and the increased fullness of the models expands the room for the foot.

The anatomical factory Relax was founded in 1983 by the parents of Mr. Dimitrios Fanurgiakis, who himself worked in a shoe factory since 1965. All these years, the family has specialized in the production of women's comfortable shoes. In 2000, Dimitrios started the production of soft and comfortable shoes using the “sew and turn” technology.

Until 2012, sales were only in Greece and grew every year. In 2013, the factory starts participating in the international professional exhibition MICAM in Milan (Italy). The success of the brand today is very great, and every year more and more countries import Relax Anatomic shoes.

Currently, Relax Anatomic brand shoes can be found in more than 30 countries of the world and, of course, in Russia. At the request of the Russian distributor - the company AXA Shoes - the Relax Anatomic factory has increased the completeness of its models to K (10) and the size range to size 42, which is quite common among Russian women.

Relax Anatomic distributor contacts in Russia: +7 (495) 539 20 80,

Relax Anatomic is a regular exhibitor Euro Shoes premiere collection.

For many years, the Greek company Relax Anatomic has been producing innovative anatomical shoes that meet the requirements of orthopedic doctors. The Relax Anatomic design meets all needs…
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