RYŁKO will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28
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RYŁKO will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28

RYŁKO is a Polish shoe brand founded in 1964 by Stanislav Ryłko as a small family-owned shoe business. The brand produces men's and women's shoes, as well as collections of leather accessories and bags.

The first company store was opened in 1997 in Krakow, and so began the expansion of the brand from the region throughout Poland.

Today, the RYŁKO shoe brand is represented in more than 400 multi-brand and more than 150 single-brand stores in Poland and abroad. Now the factory supplies its products to more than 10 countries of the world. As a major shoe manufacturer, RYŁKO remains faithful to the traditions and quality of hand-made shoes.

RYŁKO provides a wide range of men's and women's shoes, in which there are not only classic models that meet the most sophisticated requirements, but also daring solutions at the peak of modern fashion. When sewing shoes and accessories, only the highest quality materials are used.

The women's assortment of shoes is represented by such lines as:

-Estima - a line of shoes that meets the latest fashion trends, created for courageous girls who are not afraid to experiment with their style and image. ESTIMA is a heel of at least 8 cm, bright colors, actual prints combined with a comfortable shoe, which is specially designed by RYŁKO brand designers for your comfort and safety.

- #RKO - a line of shoes in sports style, combining the comfort and beauty of sports models. In the summer collection #RKO - sneakers and sneakers, as well as sandals with a comfortable shoe in a youth design. The #RKO winter collection is laced boots with massive soles, fur inserts, metal rivets, which are the perfect combination of comfort, warmth and fashion.

-RELAX - these are models with semi-orthopedic functions: a soft insole, an additional arch support, elastic goat leather. RELAX is the choice of modern women who prefer comfort and dynamics in a modern metropolis. The RELAX line is represented by ballet shoes, shoes and boots, which allows each client to find their perfect pair.

Also a big plus of RYŁKO is value for money.

Polish shoes are a compromise between German comfort and Italian design. Thanks to this, RYŁKO shoes are competitive not only in the European market, but also beyond. Thus, introducing the new fall-winter 2020/21 collection at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, RYŁKO is going to attract new wholesale customers, as well as discover the previously undeveloped shoe market in Russia. In Moscow, the brand’s first branded store opened on September 17, 2019, at Columbus Shopping Center.

RYŁKO is a Polish shoe brand founded in 1964 by Stanislav Ryłko as a small family-owned shoe business. Under the brand, men's and women's shoes, as well as collections of leather ...
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