Shoesmarket will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28
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Shoesmarket will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28

Since 1998, Shoesmarket has successfully established itself in the market of wholesale shoe companies, and is one of the largest manufacturers of European shoes in Russia. To follow the style of urban life, create its face, colorize it and share its mood - this is the philosophy of the company. Shoesmarket has an extensive branch network with offices in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk, as well as in Istanbul. At the moment, the company has two trademarks in its arsenal: SANDM and MADELLA. Stamps successfully complement each other, significantly expanding the range.

SANDM brand - One of the leaders in the production of women's shoes in Turkey. The factories where these shoes are made maintain a centuries-old tradition of tailoring using modern German and Italian equipment. The maximum choice of SANDM pleasantly surprises: here are everyday classics and fashionable novelties, a wealth of colors and additional accessories. Creating the SANDM collection, the designers set themselves the task of taking into account all fashion trends and current trends.

Recognizable style, the comfort of a business heel, the sophistication of elegant shoes, the warmth of winter boots, the laconicism of a classic boot, the audacity of over-the-knee boots and the openness of light sandals - all this is performed in the most popular colors of the season and only in natural materials. Convenience and quality of workmanship allow SANDM shoes to be a favorite decoration of women's wardrobe.

Also, SANDM has a line of men's shoes, which is based on three components of a successful collection: comfort, design and accessibility.

The brand slogan is “SANDM Shoes - there are many images, there is only one brand”.

MADELLA - relatively young brand, created on the basis of the European brand, has already managed to win the recognition of customers. Its main features are versatility and simplicity, high wear resistance and reliability. These shoes are for women who choose an active lifestyle, for those who, day after day, choose the convenience of every step, never forgetting elegance and style. A wide range of shoes will allow a woman to be different, while feeling light: charming shoes or semi-sports sneakers, brutal shoes or feminine ankle boots, wayward half boots or classic high boots.

Now, when choosing shoes, consumers are guided by its practicality and durability. With this in mind, Madella strives to create the perfect everyday pair of shoes, suitable for every person. Wear resistance is one of the most important properties of Madella shoes. All models are sewn according to their own patented technologies, using the latest European equipment and raw materials. A unique shoe finishing system protects the upper from weather conditions. When creating pads, Madella's designers take into account the linear changes in the foot throughout the day. All pads for new collections undergo rigorous testing, and only after expert approval are put into serial production.

Modern equipment, innovative technologies, the use of injection molding method of mounting the sole are displayed in a separate line. Today, this method is one of the most reliable, and the most progressive method of attachment.

Each detail of Madella shoes is designed taking into account the preferences of Russian consumers and weather conditions: an extended size range, various completeness, natural materials, insoles with a memory effect, properly selected lining, seam processing, shoe upper coating, carefully selected sole material.

Shoesmarket will take part in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection on February 25-28.

Since 1998, Shoesmarket has successfully established itself in the market of wholesale shoe companies, and is one of the largest manufacturers of European shoes in Russia. Follow the urban style ...
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