Turkish footwear brand Dogo will start retail development in Russia
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Turkish footwear brand Dogo will start retail development in Russia

Bright prints with funny koalas, images of newspaper news about Harry Potter or famous Van Gogh paintings on shoes and bags - such a positive collection was presented at the autumn exhibition Euro Shoes in Moscow, the Turkish brand of shoes and accessories Dogo. The company aims to develop branded retail in Russia and promises to open the first stores in early 2023. Dogo CEO Ali Sunnetcgioglu told Shoes Report about these plans during the Euro Shoes exhibition in Moscow.

Ali Sunnetcioglu Ali Sunnetcioglu - Dogo CEO

Dogo Dogo

Please tell us about your Dog brando!

Our company was founded in 2006 in Izmir. We consider ourselves not just shoe manufacturers, but designers, and this is how our company is registered as a designer company. Dogo shoes are distinguished by bright positive prints that are resistant to wear and do not wear out when worn. Achieving this effect on the upper is not so easy, and therefore we would like to especially note this advantage of ours - our shoes remain bright and beautiful throughout the time you wear them! All of our products are vegan, which means that we do not use materials of animal origin in the production of shoes and bags. Shoes are sewn by hand.

We pay great attention to art, this is reflected in the theme of the Dogo collections, so we own license agreements for applying images of paintings by great artists such as Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky to our products.

And in 2014, we released a collection of shoes and bags with a koala print, and this is still the most popular print in all countries where Dogo is sold.

Dogo x Harry Potter Dogo x Harry Potter

Why did you decide to enter the Russian market?

In Turkey, in Antalya, we have 10 stores and 90% of the buyers in these stores are tourists from Russia. Due to such popularity among Russians, we decided to enter the Russian market. And it is no coincidence that we present at the Euro Shoes exhibition in Moscow products with prints that are dedicated to art, since in Russia this is very much appreciated.

Are Dogo stores only open in Turkey or also in other countries?

Now our products are sold in 70 countries. There are branded stores in Tenerife, Spain, Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Holland, Australia and New Zealand.

dogo dogo

Tell me, is the concept of vegan-shoes popular in Turkey or did you immediately focus on sales primarily in other European countries?

When we started, vegan shoes were not popular in Turkey, we were export-oriented, and so about 70% of our sales came from exports. In 2016, the company won the Export Champion award.

In addition to the concept of veganism, which we adhere to, our brand is also involved in social initiatives, for example, supporting people with disabilities.

What is the retail price of your shoe models in retail?

Sneakers cost about $65-$70. Models of winter shoes - from $100 to $120.

Have you sold in Russia yet?

Dogo has been present on all major Russian marketplaces for several years. But now we are focused on the development of branded retail, and for this, among other things, we participate in the Euro Shoes exhibition. So far, we are researching the market and thinking in which regions of Russia it is worth opening Dogo branded retail. We plan to open several stores on our own first, and then we would like to develop by franchising. The first Dogo stores in Russia will open in the first half of 2023.

Bright prints with funny koalas, images of newspaper news about Harry Potter or famous Van Gogh paintings on shoes and bags - such a positive collection was presented at the autumn…
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