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Book "McKinsey Tools"

McKinsey has 90 offices located in 45 countries. Hoover's estimates annual revenues of approximately $ 3 billion. McKinsey is more than 13 people, including 000 consultants. McKinsey is a global consulting legend. Known primarily for its ability to solve other people's problems. In the book “McKinsey Tools. Best Practice for Solving Business Problems "authors and former employees Ethan Rasiel and Paul Friga share their experiences of how the company solved its own. What can be taken from the experience of a transnational corporation and semi-academic structure to a small business owner? Sapienti sat - the rational will be enough.

For example, quickly isolating a problem: the most important is highlighted, the essence is formulated in it, and options for solving problems are immediately generated. It is quickly analyzed how easily a company can implement these solutions. You must admit that in the present business owner it is very difficult to ignore the daily routine, all the more so, quickly, and even more so - to see options for new actions for both yourself and the company.

McKinsey teaches you to think holistically - to see the forest, not the trees, to note the interconnections between different systems that ensure the work of the company, to configure the interaction between them. This skill, by the way, would be very useful for those entrepreneurs who like to say, “I already know everything,” and there are still a lot of such people on the shoe market. You do not need to know everything, you need to have a resource to update and organize knowledge. Organization is the key to understanding a book.

Even the weakest point of the company - the inability to use its tools where personal interests are higher than the interests of the company (what we call "hardware games") - can benefit small companies in which the personal interests of the owner are also the interests of the company.

The third McKinsey tool is even simpler - the most invaluable experience your company needs is “walking along your own corridors”, just learn how to assemble, fix and use it in your work.

And finally, a few quotes.

“… It would be very helpful for most industries to think about how to get more customer engagement in product and service delivery.”

“Throughout the book, we recommended that you understand the limits of other people's capabilities: your client, team, organization. Rate your strength. Trying to be a "multi-tool", you will not last long. Knowing the limits of your capabilities, you can make sure that these restrictions do not interfere with your effective work. ”

"Pilots of light aircraft: those who were already landing with the landing gear retracted, and those who still have to." The same applies to decision-making: sooner or later, any leader has to make an important decision blindly.

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In the book “McKinsey Tools. Best Practice for Solving Business Problems, ”authors and former employees Ethan Rasiel and Paul Friga share their experiences of how the company solved its problems. What can you ...
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