The directing power of the mind
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The directing power of the mind

Vladimir Levy, physician, psychologist, writer, says that the book "The Guiding Power of the Mind" was collected in the same way as it rains, as the harvest is gathered - drop by drop, by grain. From the beginning of 2007 to almost the end of 2008. Two years of questions and answers to emails, notes from the audience, phone calls are collected in one book, more precisely, compressed into one book. Because the scale of the questions is from very intimate to universal. The book actually fell into my hands by accident, I was looking for his own "Art to be different." I didn't let go of my hands for two weeks. Now, in a general state of uncertainty, it helps a lot to find points of support.

Text: Galina Kuznetsova

There are purely practical recommendations in the book. How to behave with extortion officials? What are the causes of carelessness in work and how to eliminate them? How to tell a person that he was left without work? How to recognize a potential thief in the selection of employees?

There are questions that any sane person asks at some point in life: what to choose - a favorite thing or good money? How not to turn into a misanthrope and cynic? What is pity? How do you learn to forgive? Where does faith in good things begin in a state of despair?

There are questions that sometimes I really don’t want to ask myself: how to free ourselves from hatred? How to understand the boundary in relations when they can still be established, but after which efforts to maintain relations will only be to the detriment? Is it necessary to tell the dying man that he is dying? How to warm yourself from the inside and stop yelling at others?

From the entire mosaic of Levi’s life science, we will give an answer to only one question.

How to make the right decision? How to understand or feel that it is correct?

There are solutions in which accurate calculation is possible. There are solutions in which it is only probabilistic. There are solutions where it is generally impossible to assess the chances of a particular outcome, that is, taken at random, and often even with a shortage of time to think.

In this last area, where every decision is a pig in a poke, intuition takes on a special meaning. There are such people, and their decisions are more often than others, with a seemingly complete absence of chances, with insignificance or even lack of information.

There are also opposite people - with anti-intuition. They are distinguished by increased egocentricity. They are often extraordinarily gifted: artists, poets, musicians, but, of course, not businessmen ...

... It is not so much important to know whether the decision you are making is correct, but to understand why you are making it and why. Motives, motives and motives again?

Clearly realizing them, even if the decision seems to be erroneous, it will not be difficult for you to mentally return your consciousness to the moment of making the decision and, if not correct, then realize the mistake - and not repeat it again, remove the rake.

It is highly desirable at the moment of making a decision to make at least a short pause - and realize whether the decision is made on the basis of sufficient information or insufficient - with an increased degree of risk ... If the latter, then I would like you to calmly note this, hesitate a little more and ask yourself: a is it necessary to make a decision right now - and in general: is it necessary?

There are three more decision-making techniques that have a deep tradition and a rich psychological background ...

There are many questions and answers in the book. Don't expect direct recommendations. Levy's answers are information for thought, other people's experiences, directions.

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