Best books on economic topics
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Best books on economic topics

We offer you an overview of non-fiction books on near-economic topics, allowing you to understand the nature of the time when all financial landmarks collapse

Michael Lewis. "Poker of liars"

A documentary version of the story of investment banking, revealing the background of Tom Wolfe's story Bonfire of the Vanities ("Bonfire of vanity"). Lewis describes his hero's dizzying journey through the trading floors of Salomon Brothers in London and New York in the midst of the turbulent 1980s, when the firm was the most powerful and profitable investment bank in the world.

The story of this path - from a simple trainee to an apprentice gek and to the victorious title of "big trunk" - turned out to be funny and frightening. It is a frank and ruthless tale of hysterical greed and ambition in a closed bond market. The excesses of Wall Street, which were the central theme of the 80s of the XNUMXth century, are accurately reflected here.

Publisher: "Olymp-Business"

Roger Lowenstein. “When a genius is defeated. The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management, or How One Small Bank Created a Trillion Dollar Hole

Together with "Poker of Liars", this book is a kind of dilogy. Some will find in it a documentary story of the rise and fall of LTCM, created on the model and likeness of the investment bank Salomon Brothers, a description and analysis of its activities. Others will see the interpretation of the eternal story of the conflict of reason and passion.

Publisher: "Olymp-Business"

Adam Smith. "Playing for money"

Lord Keynes was the first to say that managing money in financial markets is playing. The author claims that most books on money only talk about economics and statistics, which is only half the game. The other half of the gambling game is people taken together and individually, the emotional investor and the irrational crowd. This book is about how the game is played and how the players act.

Publisher: "Alpina Business Books"

Edwin Lefebvre. "Memories of a stock speculator"

The first memoirs were published in 1923 and still remain one of the most popular books in the field of financial literature. Edwin Lefebvre's book is a fictionalized biography of Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest speculators in human history. The image of markets and the psychology of investing enriched the lives of several generations of investors. Memories tell about the psychology of the crowd and the jumps in market demand as if it was about the panic that happened last week in the foreign exchange market.

Publisher: "Olymp-Business"

Charles McKay. "The most common misconceptions and madness of the crowd"

The book by Charles Mackay is a selection of the most prominent errors and follies of mankind: from financial pyramids to religious psychoses. She became a classic work about mass mania, crowd behavior and human stupidity.

Publisher: "Alpina"

Nassim Nicholas Taleb “Fooled by chance. The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets ”Russian roulette and business leaders, classical history and financial speculation, poetry and mathematics, Sherlock Holmes and scientific wars - all this is in the book. If a neighbor succeeds on the stock exchange, is he a genius or a lucky guy? If we mistake luck for skill, we inevitably become “fooled by chance,” warns mathematician and risk insurance manager Nassim Taleb.

Publisher: "Omega-L"

We offer you an overview of popular science books on near-economic topics, allowing you to understand the nature of time when all financial benchmarks ...
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