Emotional selling shop windows. How to get a passerby to enter your store and become a customer
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Emotional selling shop windows. How to get a passerby to enter your store and become a customer

New Year and Christmas are coming soon, shop windows are beautiful and elegant in their festive decoration, attracting the attention of passers-by and inviting them to come. Modern shop windows successfully fulfill the role of the entreated, once hired by merchants and merchants. Nowadays, the main task of any storefronts is to “detain” a buyer at this store, invite him to the retail space, show him a product and “sell” it. Expert SR, Anna Balandina, a leading visual consulting and window dressing fashion consultant at Fashion Consulting Group, talks about how to influence customer emotions with seasonal storefront concepts, what are emotional storefronts and what are their goals and objectives.

The store’s turnover is directly proportional to the average time spent by the buyer in the store, which is confirmed by both the practice and the basic laws of visual merchandising. There is also the law of impulse, which suggests that 65-85% of purchase decisions are made by the buyer impulsively at the point of sale. But before he makes such a decision, a person must go into the store, and the correctly designed store window should push him to this.

Today there are three types of shop windows that exist and are put into practice in stores:

  1. “Grocery” display cases - which present exclusively a product, everything is clear and concrete here.

  2. “Product-emotional” display cases - where the product is presented, but it is framed like a diamond, it “shines” in a seasonal display concept. These display cases are today considered the most commercial display cases, if they are made according to a clear commercial algorithm, tailored to the brand itself.

  3. “Showcases-emotions” is a new trend laid down by the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, a paradox brand, an exception to the rule. These are shocking showcases, which in fact do not sell the product, but cut into the minds of buyers, are remembered for a long time or forever. Thus, the brand is "rebuilt" from competitors as the most spectacular, most modern and fashionable. Of course, the "showcase-emotion" works for a specific target audience - these are wealthy young, modern urbanists. From shoe brands, “showcase-emotions” creates, for example, Louboutin, sometimes Gucci for its shoe line. But in general, the shoe segment does not require such shocking shop windows.

If we are talking about the mass market and the middle price segment, the most effective display concepts are “product-emotional” or “product-emotional”, when you present a seasonal product, taking into account the volume drivers seasonal collection, and complement the presentation of a seasonal storefront concept.

Reasons for creating a seasonal display concept

There are four reasons for creating a seasonal display concept.

1. DNA and brand positioning

The concept of the shop window that you created must be a priori positively received by the buyer. To do this, you must clearly understand the following: who is your customer; what kind of DNA does your brand have; what brand is it; what collection do you offer. For trendy seasonal collections and for a conservative quality product, there will be completely different display concepts. Moreover, the presentation of one and the same theme - for example, the theme “Urban Aesthetics” - will be different in each concept.

2. Seasonal Collection Theme

If the collection has a clear theme, for example, “Retro 50's” or “Bright color blocks”, then it is very desirable to reflect this on the window. Thus, you will make an additional emphasis on the fashion trend and on the right collection, on which the buyer should concentrate.

3. The design of the windows themselves

What materials, designs, models of shoes and accessories, design decisions will be used to create a window display.

4. Showcase Framework / Showcases

You need to create storefront concepts with an understanding of what budget is appropriate for a seasonal storefront, especially if your store is a network brand.

Traditionally, New Year's, Christmas showcases are the most spectacular and chic, they are the most expensive. When planning a showcase budget for the year, it must be borne in mind that New Year's showcases in an amicable way should be 30% more expensive than the main showcases. It is important to adjust the overall budget for the windows, given this nuance.

Trading floor as an internal showcase

When we talk about effective emotional commercial display cases, it is important to understand that display cases are not only the external windows of the trading floor, but also its internal entrance space. If it is correctly formalized, then it becomes a trade showcase and sells, sometimes even better than outdoor displays.

In the footwear segment, at the entrance, it is effective to exhibit special equipment - a stopper with the hottest seasonal collection, with your hit marginal product and complement it with elements of your seasonal display concepts. The storefront concept should “flow in” into the trading space, but certainly not everywhere and not on every commercial equipment should be displayed bestsellers, but exclusively in the “hot zones” of the sales area. It is better in this way to design a “zone of the internal shop window” - the entrance space and the upper non-commercial level of the trading floor. This space is above eye level - it still doesn’t sell and therefore should be emotionally designed - for example, with seasonal images, compositions with the product and decorative elements (image compositions).

Emotion betting

Today, emotional storefronts not only sell well, but are also sales drivers, as well as the overall emotional shopping concept. If there is an opportunity to modify it, you must understand that the emotional component is very important and attractive to buyers. It helps to remember and love the brand, it distinguishes you from competitors. Take brands with a very complex range, for example, Adventure Factory, a shoe brand for outdoor activities in the mountains. This is a very narrow range, however, due to the emotional, unusual, unique trading concept, the brand managed to win customers and enter the world market. Or the Australian brand Shoes of Prey, which initially positioned itself as an online store where it was possible to order your own model from the proposed models, colors, heel shapes. When it was decided to go offline, they made such a successful trading concept that they ensured brand viability in real retail. Emotions and a good idea became the driver for promotion, and the company began to make major sales through the standard collection of shoes.

A good idea and emotions today are very important for the promotion of any brand, regardless of the price segment in which you work. Therefore, always remember this and work in this direction when creating seasonal and holiday windows.

New Year and Christmas are coming soon, shop windows are beautiful and elegant in their festive decoration, attracting the attention of passers-by and inviting them to come. Modern shop windows successfully ...
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