Tricks you can learn from Copenhagen stores
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Tricks you can learn from Copenhagen stores

Despite the fact that we are still far from the western standards of merchandising, the experience of foreign colleagues can be useful. Our special correspondent abroad, Song Hyun Nam, went around Copenhagen shoe stores and photographed remarkable ways of laying out shoes, and experts at the Russian portal said that the owner of a shoe store in Russia could take on this.


A multi-tiered table is a very convenient solution that has long been available to shoe retail. This place of additional display, equipped in the center of the hall, allows you to focus on the leaders of the collection or at the lowest prices of the sale range. As a rule, inexpensive models are presented on the boxes, but here the packaging also performs an artistic function, since its color is combined with the presented shoes and emphasizes the brutal style of the models.

chest representing the image of the gangster era The chest reproducing the image of the gangster era

Here, shoes are presented using an interesting accessory - a chest that reproduces the image of the gangster era. It attracts the eye of the buyer and creates a special atmosphere, being the so-called emotional component. In general, it is believed that emotional components should be present in any store that seeks to rebuild from competitors and invite the buyer to wander around the hall for a long time and look at every corner of the retail space with interest. But, unfortunately, in Russia so far few stores would dare to surprise their visitors with such provocative attributes that were not originally designed for the mass market segment.

Layout of shoes by color type is an excellent technique that allows you to precisely select a shoe pair to an already finished wardrobe. In addition, he gives an additional increase in sales due to targeted purchases: the buyer sees a whole area with shoes of the color he needs and with enthusiasm begins to pick up a suitable pair, sometimes without stopping at one. Best of all, the color display works with bright, original shades that stand out from the rest of the store. In Russia, this solution, unfortunately, is still found in rare shops, or is used to present dark-colored shoes, which levels the idea itself.

Seasonal shoe layout Seasonal shoe layout

And in this photo we see a very successful selection of shoes for the seasonal type. Such a layout is convenient for buyers if they came just for a certain model - shoes, boots with fur, ugg boots. True, this type of presentation also has a drawback: it slightly evokes memories of the Soviet era, when there were few shoe models in stores and the entire space was filled with identical samples.

Trending Season Products Trending Season Products

An excellent solution used by many shoe retailers in Russia is to display the most trendy products of the season: different sneakers, motorcycle boots, slip-ons with rhinestones. It is also interesting here that several shelves are installed in the window, which is quite rare in our country, or it is not very well formed.

Eco-friendly materials presented in the form of wooden shelving Eco-friendly materials presented in the form of wooden shelving

Here, I especially want to note the imagination of the visual merchandiser who designed the stand. As a result of his labors, the stand attracts attention on its own, and if you look closely - what his composition really forces us to do - the shoes in a closed box attract the look. I immediately want to get them out and take a closer look: it creates a pleasant feeling that the impression of them will exceed all our expectations. Also, this design uses one of the most popular trends of recent years - environmentally friendly materials, presented in the form of wooden shelving.

Despite the fact that we are still far from the western standards of merchandising, the experience of foreign colleagues can be useful. Our special correspondent abroad, Song Hyun, walked around the shoe ...
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