Euro Shoes Premiere Collection - world standards and European quality
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Euro Shoes Premiere Collection - world standards and European quality

The summer session confirmed the high status of the exhibition. Every year, she systematically wins from her competitors the right to be considered the leading event in the shoe market of Russia. High standards of services, an ever-growing pool of participants and a compulsory business program brought the industry event to a new high level.

A solid backbone of the exhibition was formed in the very first year of work. They were participants with a worldwide reputation - brands that have long established themselves in the shoe market, such as Caprice, Tamaris, Rieker, Marco Tozzi, Josef Seibel, Hogl. The quality of their goods was not in doubt, and the recognition of the Russian consumer had already been won: after all, our customers have known and appreciated the shoes of these brands for more than 20 years!

With the development of Euro Shoes, this frame has acquired the necessary muscles, which gives any professional event a status and importance on the market. This is an obligatory business program with the participation of leading analysts and experts in the shoe business, and a bright party for exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition, and private events of manufacturers - fashion shows, presentations of collections, raffles of valuable prizes among buyers. The presence of representatives of the leading professional publications from Germany and Spain, as well as all industry magazines in Russia, speaks of the ever-growing interest in the exhibition of the leading players in the shoe retail.

Despite the unstable economic and political situation, as well as the stagnation of the market, the exhibition was held and was held at a constant high level of interest from both participants and buyers. This year, the exhibition area decreased slightly, but not due to the number of exhibitors, but due to a decrease in the footage of the participants' stands. This is perhaps the only compromise that the participants and organizers made, given the general economic instability in the country. Otherwise, the exhibition not only demonstrated a consistently high level, but also a huge potential: at the next February Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, new and unique offers await participants and buyers. Applications have already been submitted from regular and new members.

Figures of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, August 2014

5000 buyers visited the exhibition this year

520 brands presented their products at the exhibition

11 000 sq.m. - the area of ​​the exhibition space.

francesco_donni (xnumx) .jpgPrize draws

Company Francesco donni - a shoe manufacturer with a chain of branded and franchise stores in Russia and the CIS countries, has prepared a real surprise for its buyers - a drawing of valuable prizes, the main of which was a check for the amount of 1 million rubles! On the second day of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, all those who believed in luck gathered at the company's stand. The main prize turned out to be so impressive that it seemed to many to be unreal and more a promotion than a real event. But the drawing was held openly and none of those present doubted the randomness of the choice of the winner. In addition to the main prize, pleasant gifts, albeit not so impressive, were presented - iPad mini, certificates from the organizers of the exhibition for 30 thousand rubles and a subscription to Shoes Report magazine. We are sure that our modest contribution to the collection of pleasant surprises of the exhibition came in handy - the advice of our experts will help buyers increase sales and get super profits!

The logical continuation of the action was the presentation of certificates for the purchase of goods, which are annually held by the organizers of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection: buyers from Tolyatti, Saratov, Samara received certificates for 30 thousand rubles.

Presentation for buyers

Many companies have chosen Euro Shoes Premiere Collection for holding events and events that are significant for them. So, on August 20, in the conference hall of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Caprice gathered its partners for a closed presentation. The guests of the event were introduced to the brand's collection and told about the strategic development plans. The partners of the brand in Russia had the opportunity to communicate with top managers of the company, ask questions of interest, and discuss further cooperation. The presentation took place with the participation of one of the owners of the company, Jurgen Kölsch, who came to Moscow on this occasion.

Business program

delovaya-programma (3) .jpgThe third business program, organized by Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in cooperation with Shoes Report magazine, took place at the summer session. We have increased the number of speakers and expanded the number of announced topics. We have invited leading experts not only from Russia, but from St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. That is why the program turned out to be incredibly rich. Anna Bocharova, business trainer, organizational development consultant, held a practical workshop on the topic Selling Shoes and Accessories: Effective Speech Modules (Business Rhetoric), in which she spoke about simple and effective ways of teaching employees communication techniques. Marina Polkovnikova, founder of VM-Consulting agency, merchandising and store design consultant, held a seminar, which is called “on the head of the day,” suggesting the topic “Anti-crisis management of merchandising and procurement”, and Galina Kravchenko, development director of the consulting agency Fashion Consulting Group , shared her predictions about the trends of the next summer season. The program of Alexander Tulyakov, the founder of the company, aroused great interest among the visitors, who spoke in an easy and accessible form about budgetary ways of decorating the windows of shoe stores. Most of the cases presented in the lecture are easy to implement at any retail outlet in any city. The main thing is thinking outside the box and a creative, bold approach. As Alexander correctly noted, if you don’t dare, your competitors will implement the idea!

QJ3A4553.jpgBright party

This year it was decided to repeat the most popular format of the party among the participants and guests of the exhibition - Beer Fest. The huge pavilion of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center successfully imitated the beer pavilions of the famous German Octoberfest: long wooden tables, bunches of hay, waiters dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes. A hot metropolitan evening turned out to be the best setting for an incendiary party, where German specialties became the main treat - aromatic pork sausages, steaming shanks only from the fire, freshly baked bretzels and, of course, draft beer. The exhibitors invited their partner-buyers to the evening to once again discuss the terms of interaction and strategies for further cooperation in an informal setting. However, conversations and deeds were quickly forgotten when young, but incredibly talented musicians of the Kamerton group took the stage. Covers of famous bands performed by string instruments literally blew up the hall. More than 300 guests flocked to the stage to enjoy the music and feel the drive that came from the stage.

Season trends

QJ3A3738.jpgWhat will millions of Russian buyers wear in the next summer season? Leading European manufacturers who have been working on the Russian market for a long time and successfully participate in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, the marketing specialists of the companies carefully study the interests of consumers, quickly respond to its changes, and quickly adapt to the change in the vector of public demand. The main orders concluded here between manufacturers and buyers are some kind of indexers of the popularity of certain models. Indeed, the map of the presented brands is extensive - among the exhibitors there are companies from Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Portugal.

Despite the crisis, both manufacturers and buyers unanimously decided - to be bright colors! Lemon, mint, red ... in women's collections there will be many juicy shades, unusual decor - metallic leather, crystals, perforation, and new technologies (flexible soles, anatomical insoles, etc.). Most of the presented collections are really strong - there are many unusual design solutions that are organically integrated into the production process, without contradicting comfort.

We can predict with certainty that the summer of 2015 will be ... sporty! At the exhibition there was, perhaps, not a single brand that did not present models of sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Classic models of sports shoes have undergone changes - there is more color, textured fabrics, feminine finishes.

The summer session confirmed the high status of the exhibition. Every year, she systematically wins from her competitors the right to be considered the leading event in the shoe market of Russia. High standards ...
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