Sneakers are still at the peak of popularity among consumers of all ages and social groups.
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Sneakers are still at the peak of popularity among consumers of all ages and social groups.

The sports shoe segment is one of the most growing today, it turned out to be the most resistant to the crisis, and even against the backdrop of the crisis showed growth. This is due, on the one hand, to the promotion of a sports image in fashion and the growing popularity of various sports (football, basketball, running, tennis). On the other hand, the athleisure fashion trend (adding elements of sports equipment to casual clothes) has turned sneakers into a trendy element of not only sports, but also casual clothes. Market expert Anna Lebsak-Kleimans shares his point of view on trends in the sports shoes segment with readers of SR.

Anna Lebsak-Kleimans Anna Lebsak-Kleimans - Anna Lebsak-Kleimans - CEO of Fashion Consulting Group. www.fashionconsulting.ru

According to Fashion Consulting Group (FCG), the mid-price segment in the fashion market (which includes sales of sportswear, shoes) was hit hardest by the 2014-2016 crisis, its share fell significantly and amounted to about a quarter of the market in monetary terms. In 2016, sales in the middle segment amounted to 573,9 billion rubles.

However, the segment of sports shoes is one of the growing and most resistant to the crisis. This is due, on the one hand, to the growing popularity of various sports, on the other hand, the athleisure fashion trend has turned sneakers into an extremely fashionable element of not only sports, but also casual wear. This is actively used by both manufacturers and retailers. They are constantly expanding their offer of sports models, introducing promotions and special offers. Due to the inflation of the ruble in 2016, the average price of sportswear and footwear in Russia increased by 12-15%, but already in the first half of 2017 it “rolled back” a little, having decreased by 4%.

Unique sneakers: "Such - only with me!"

Today's consumers attach great importance to the individualization of their clothes and shoes, which means for business that it is necessary to introduce customized services and products. Customization is the adaptation of a product or service to a specific customer, taking into account his requirements and wishes. Customization has divided all companies into those who make money on this trend, and those who, not keeping pace with the market, weaken their positions. Today, buyers can create their own unique sneakers from Nike, Adidas and other global sports brands.

 The Internet has become a tool that allows you to modify products or add small, but very important, personalized touches to them. Sporting goods stores have also sprung up in Russia offering online customization: some brands offer a choice of color combinations - for example, laces, soles and bases; others expand the set of "details" and allow you to combine details from suede, leather and textiles to your taste, choose the "style" of the side edging. But for now, this is a rather expensive service that only large chains (Nike, Adidas) or niche premium brands can afford.

Customized projects in Russia face a number of difficulties, among them:

  • cultural barriers: expectations / wishes of individualization are much lower in our country than in other countries, the request has not yet been formed;

  • economic barriers: the rather high cost of such a service, a rational consumer trend after the 2014 crisis of the year forces buyers to save on what is not necessary; consider restrictions on return options (a customized product is not returned).

Atlezur: sports shoes for every day

Modern models of sneakers and sneakers replace other models of shoes in sales: low shoes, boots, and even flat shoes. In fact, sneakers are a type of low shoes and boots. Their characteristic details are a wide stripe in the front along the vamp, a notch on the back of the low shoes or a soft insert on the shoes, and, of course, a multi-part profiled sole (at least two visible layers: the outsole and the elastic midsole, as a rule, contrasting colors that attract attention, as well as internal depreciation or reminiscent of their inserts, which may not be visible from the outside).

Rapid sales of sneakers are explained, first of all, by the fact that modern fashionable style means combining unsportsmanlike clothes of any style with sports equipment: sneakers for a business suit, a knitted hat with a classic coat, knitted joggers for leather jackets, sneakers for loose skirts and even dresses.

The foundation of athleisure is the social trend of new wellness, which defined the vector of "sports" fashion. New wellness is a trend that says that not diamond size becomes a marker of success, but a state of health, athleticism and a beautiful figure at any age. Looking young and sporty - today it is valued more than showing the attributes of luxury.

The sports shoe segment is one of the most growing today, it turned out to be the most resistant to the crisis, and even against the backdrop of the crisis showed growth. This is due, on the one hand, to the promotion of sports ...
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