MODACALZADO: Informal business relationship
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MODACALZADO: Informal business relationship

Consolidation of efforts to promote their brands in three countries - Russia, Mexico and Turkey allowed Spanish manufacturers to compensate for the drop in orders in traditional sales markets - in France, Germany, the USA and Great Britain. The only traditional market where sales rose 2,3% was Italian

Spain in a global context

In the first half of 2008, Spanish shoe exports totaled 49,5 million pairs worth 881,6 million euros. France retained its leadership in the volume of imports of Spanish shoes (although against the backdrop of a reduction in orders by 12%).

For comparison: orders of Mexican buyers increased by 14 /%, Turkish - by 75%, Romanian - by 110%, Ukrainian - by 38%, Chinese - by 70%.

In traditional markets, the United States remains a country in which the average purchase price for a pair is higher than in other countries - 36,97 euros. In growing markets, the countries with the highest average pair prices include Russia (30,9 Euro), Ukraine (31,7), Lithuania (37,8 Euro) and China (24,3 Euro).

In response to these changes, the Spanish Federation of Shoe Manufacturers (FICE) has also restructured its support program for Spanish manufacturers by developing a special advertising campaign for emerging markets.

If we talk about production, compared to 2006, its volumes in 2007 decreased by 8% (108,4 million pairs). The largest share in the volume of production is women's shoes (37% - in terms of volume, 47% - in terms of value). These figures contrast with the fact of an increase in the export of Spanish shoes - in general, over 2007, exports grew by 7,3% in volume and by 10% in value. However, it should be borne in mind that statistics on re-export of shoes are not taken into account in the statistics of domestic production.

Business program MODACALZADO

For the first time during the exhibition, the well-known company WGSN held a merchandising seminar. The Italian Institute of Foreign Trade organized a presentation of spring / summer fashion trends. During the autumn exhibition, the traditional design competition “Golden Pencil Awards” was held. For lovers and connoisseurs of the history of footwear, an exposition "Shoes in the world of cinema" was organized.


Dates: 25 - 27 September

Net area: 23 thousand square meters m

Number of Exhibitors: 427 from 14 Countries

Exhibition structure

Metro - youth fashion

Casual - casual shoes

Ninos - baby shoes

Services for sale outlets - equipment for shops

Colors - Premium Segment

Chic - the latest trends in the most dynamic market

Glamor - designer fashion

The format of "office work on collections" (when buyers individually come to manufacturers to select models) is increasingly successfully complemented by "corporate presentations" ...
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