Six days about shoes
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Six days about shoes

For six days, shoes became the central topic of discussion for guests of the Rixos Sungate Hotel, which is located in Turkey near Kemer in the village of Beldibi. Here, from 11 to 16 on September, nine Russian shoe companies presented their Spring-Summer 2010 shoes. And so they spoke about shoes everywhere: in the amphitheater at a presentation, on the beach, in a restaurant, in a club, bar, pool and even in rooms. The idea to combine the views of the Mediterranean Sea with new collections for Russian shoemakers comes for the second time. Exactly one year ago, such a presentation took place in the Kremlin Palace near Antalya (see SR, #65). Then many did not understand that it was still more: rest or work? This year the difference was also not obvious, simply because, according to the organizing companies, work should (and can) bring as much pleasure as rest.

First impression: Rixos Sungate hotel, weather and program

presentation of shoes "Spring-Summer 2010" This year, the pool, which previously consisted of five manufacturing companies (Calipso, El Tempo, Covani, Dino Ricci, Tofa), has accepted new members (Muya, Wilmar, Ergo and Shuzmarket). As a result, 9 enterprises and about 900 of their customers were presented at the presentation. This entire delegation was accommodated in one of the best hotels in Turkey Rixos Sungate in 120 meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

On the first day, numerous banners reminded of the work of the organizing companies, which were placed around the hotel as signs. Just in case, so that the guests of the presentation do not pass by the main hall, where the stands with samples of models were located. The organizers, walking around the hotel with the words: “Be sure to come to us!” Also reminded of it. The weather also closed the road to the beach with a two-day heavy rain. These days were the most fruitful in the work plan. Considering the experience of the first presentation, clients have already planned their time more competently, making an appointment to select collections in advance and so tightly that the participating companies had to go beyond the allotted time to work non-stop on 12 hours.

This year, the organizers of the presentation thought out the program even better than in the past. It has become more saturated in both business and entertainment parts. In the first case, it was diversified by business seminars of the Super Retail Group consulting group. In the second - performances of the Plazma groups, “Guests from the Future”, A'STUDIO, Reflex, Arabesque and the KVN team “County City”.

The interest in the workshops showed how shoe-hungry were the hunger for specialized conferences and trainings. The guests of the presentation listened with admiration to the speakers and even “unbelievers” recorded information in their notebooks. Moreover, to the surprise of the speakers, discs with lecture presentations diverged like hot cakes. So fast that they were not enough for everyone. All this suggests that the footwear industry needs development. Shoe retail is ready to meet and learn how to do business in a civilized manner.

The second impression: is work a wolf or not a wolf?

The selection of collections took place in a conference hall with an area of ​​almost 2000 square. m. But this space was not enough. Therefore, El Tempo settled separately from the others in a spacious hall at the entrance to the main hall.

presentation of shoes "Spring-Summer 2010"Under the influence of the economic situation, the assortment of most of the represented companies has changed. For example, Calipso, instead of lowering the price of the wholesale price of shoes, raised the bar by launching more expensive evening wear. If a year ago the ratio of evening and casual shoes in the assortment was 50 / 50, then in the new season it is 60 / 40. “The wholesale price for our models today varies in the region of 20-100 dollars,” says Calipso Commercial Director Marat Mulyukov. - Plus, we began to make more expensive packaging of goods and are currently actively developing franchising. We have both our own stores and affiliate stores. An absolute novelty of our assortment is the line of accessories. We offer them as related products, and this has become another of our advantages. ”

We went the other way at Tofa. Here, on the contrary, a group of faux leather shoes was introduced, the price of which ranges only within 17 dollars. The price of genuine leather shoes, as acknowledged by the company’s management, was lowered due to their own profit and cheaper production.

Muya began to pay more attention to comfortable shoes. Comfortable leather clogs and sandals under the new Felina brand appeared in the assortment - according to company management, this is the most sought-after group chosen by 80% of Russian buyers.

“This year we managed to increase orders by 20%,” says Pavel Nikitin, Commercial Director of Muya. - Of course, the correction of the assortment also contributed to this. According to our observations, most often this year customers order faux leather models, although they were in high demand before. ” Covani CEO Ivanov agrees with Pavel Nikitin: “Due to the changing market, there is a shortage of shoes today. Many shoe companies sewed the previous collections exactly to the number of orders that they received, leaving nothing to reorder. As a result, wholesale prices for autumn collections rose. Perhaps at the moment we are not earning anything, but we are making every effort to save customers. Today they more carefully select suppliers, working only with trusted companies. And our presentation is another opportunity to show how important our customers are to us. ”

Third impression: lounge area

As it turned out, the lounge area at all inclusive presentations is a must. For the work simply requires a cup of coffee before plunging headlong into the study of new trends on the example of exhibition samples. Therefore, it was here that personal “from under the counter” communication flowed. When they don’t choose words and speak honestly about how things really go in the store. It was here that I witnessed a conversation between two business owners. Alexander holds a small shoe store in the city of Vyazma (Saratov Region), his friend Victor is engaged in the wood processing industry. They reasoned on the topic "How to train Vyazma buyers for fashionable shoes." “Well, here a woman comes to the store and often does not know what to choose,” Victor said. “She just doesn't know what they wear today.” Units read magazines and are fashion savvy. Most women have a rough idea about this, and they need to explain what to wear. A better show. Organize a show, arrange a podium ... "

“We need space for this,” Alexander intervened.

- Yes, not necessarily. On Sunday, in the center of the store, lay a path, arrange chairs around, arrange with friends of the girls so that they work as models. As a result, people will come, look at it, understand what to combine with, how to look right. Let 10 people come for the first time, in a small city where nothing happens, the information about the show will fly away quickly, and in a month the hall will have to be rented. We must somehow instill in people a culture of wearing shoes.

- Excuse me, but what kind of shoes are usually bought in Vyazma? I intervened.

- The problem is not what they buy, but where. People go to the markets, and this is a serious competitor for us. Residents of nearby villages come and buy galoshes of some rubles for 500. Can you imagine what kind of shoes this could be? It is clear that this woman does not need heels, and she needs to offer something more comfortable. But others need it, and those out of habit also go to the market.

presentation of shoes "Spring-Summer 2010"It was evident from Alexander's face that he did not see the commercial component in the idea of ​​showing and cultural education of the broad masses. But maybe someone else will do it for him.

The next day, in the same lounge area, I met Sergey, who holds Skorokhod shoe stores in Vladimir. Here the question of competition with the markets is not worth it, but the range requires immediate correction. “This year we decided to abandon men's shoes. Now we are selling the leftovers and we will not do new orders. Men stopped going to shops, stopped buying shoes. Hence the large remnants. Therefore, if earlier the assortment in our stores was distributed as follows: 60% of women's shoes, 25% of children's shoes and 15% of men's shoes, then in the near future we plan to supplement the women's group exactly by 15%. ”

Fourth impression: generalized

It so happened that the shoe market so far looks uncivilized. Both manufacturers and retailers are not very willing to contact each other. Be that as it may, the last presentation is one of the steps to consolidate the market, to unite it “according to interests”. And more precisely, according to preferences, price segments and producing countries. Shoemakers are increasingly talking about the inefficiency of mass exhibitions, where the maximum number of companies from the shoe industry is going. And more and more about the benefits of thematic presentations that bring together a small number of companies similar in some respects. And non-standard formats for such meetings can help to achieve good results. So according to reviews, all participants in the presentation scored orders many times greater than expected and more than recouped the cost of the trip.

For six days, shoes became the central topic of discussion for guests of the Rixos Sungate Hotel, which is located in Turkey near Kemer in the village of Beldibi. It was here that from 11 to 16 September passed ...
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