What brings the "bundle"
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What brings the "bundle"

Related products allow not only to dilute the assortment in a shoe store and pleasantly please the buyer, without forcing him to puzzle over where to buy a suitable bag or shoe cream. They say that they sometimes make up a third of all sales.

Today, many shoe store chains, such as Centrobuv, Centro, Monroe, Econika, Westfalika, sell as accessories not only insoles, creams and sponges for shoes, but bags, underwear, gloves, umbrellas, and jewelry and even cosmetics.

The Kotofey brand of children's shoes launched the production of related products last year. Their range includes insoles, shoe care products, hosiery and tights, gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, backpacks, satchels, umbrellas, stationery. According to Andrei Kapusta, a marketing manager at Yegoryevsk-Obuv, the decision to supply Kotofey brand stores with related products was made in order to maintain their sales in the offseason and increase the average check amount.

Obuv Rossii GC started paying attention to related products since the 2010 of the year. A special unit was created in the structure of the company, and specialized branded zones of related products with an area of ​​30-40 by the time appeared in stores. m. To date, the direction of non-shoe products is represented by more than 1000 SKU. “In 2013, we sold related products for 865 million rubles, the share in revenue was 17%,” said Natalya Pauli, deputy director of public relations at Obuv Rossii. - This year we plan to increase the share to 20%. Associated goods - a high-margin product category, their margin on average doubles the margin for shoes. They also take up little space in the warehouse and in the store, but at the same time contribute to an increase in the number of contacts with the brand and an increase in customer loyalty. ”

Recall also that this summer, Obuv Rossii GC expanded its Westfalika Medical line up to 1,5 SKU by 60 times, adding hand creams, face scrub and accessories to the range. The new cosmetic line of hand leather care products includes five types of creams. But according to Natalia Pauli, the most popular category of related products is bags, today they account for almost half of the sales.

Related products allow not only to dilute the assortment in a shoe store and pleasantly please the buyer, without forcing him to puzzle over where to buy a suitable bag or shoe polish. ...
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