Holidays as a way to cheer up traffic and increase sales. Calendar of events for the fashion store for 2020
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Holidays as a way to cheer up traffic and increase sales. Calendar of events for the fashion store for 2020

The buyer needs to be entertained, surprised, constantly coming up with new and new ways to attract an audience to the store, website and social networks. Customers today are spoiled and overwhelmed with stocks and news feeds - every day we receive dozens of messages by mail and instant messengers, as well as sms and calls. Sometimes, the employees responsible for the traffic of visitors have a head around thinking and thinking about what else to come up with and how to surprise the buyer! Specialist SR for sales and purchases in the fashion business, Elena Vinogradova, especially for our readers, compiled a calendar of events important for a retail store of clothes, shoes or both, which can help significantly increase traffic and sales.

Elena Vinogradova Elena Vinogradova - Expert in sales and purchases in the fashion business. The author of a business blog for clothing, footwear and accessories stores on Instagram - @

The task of any business in the b2c sector is to skillfully mix its product or service with the current news topic, to look for interesting ways to deliver its goods to the consumer. There are two components here:

  1. Monitoring trends and news and quickly embedding them in your content.
  2. Planning information lines in advance and playing on the topic when it occurs.

In this article we will talk about the second option.

For convenience, we divide the year into months and select the dates appropriate for the fashion business. For most dates, examples of what can be done for clients are given, other ideas can be thought up by analogy plus your own creative.


In addition to the traditional New Year holidays, Orthodox Christmas and the Old New Year, this month is interesting:

  • 8 January - Children's Cinema Day

Make a selection of good films for children on social networks or in the newsletter, and give movie tickets to the customers with the biggest check for the premiere of a children's film or cartoon.

  • 11 January - International Day of "thank you"

Thank your customers, suppliers, say kind words to your team.

  • 16 January - World Beatles Day

Tell us about your favorite Liverpool four shoes - Chelsea boots. For a purchase, you can give a Beatles songs CD or send a ringtone track to your phone.

  • 17 January - Children's Inventions Day

Ask your young audience what you can invent, for example, using a pair of shoes. Share exciting stories on social networks and on the site.

  • 25 January - Tatyana’s Day, or Day of Russian Students

Upon presentation of a student card, you can give special prices or team up with partners and conduct a cross-promotion: give coupons to bookstores, movie tickets or a flyer for a cup of coffee.


  • February 6 - International Bartender Day

You can date the date to the client party and hold a master class on preparing cocktails, you can simply post on Instagram a recipe for a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail or tell what shoes the bartenders choose to be on their feet all night and not get tired.

  • February 14 - St. Valentine's Day

You can give “valentines”, treat you with heart-shaped candies in a red shiny wrapper, run an action for couples in love. A lot of interesting things are already being done here: flowers, balloons, soft toys - all this can be used not only to decorate the trading floor, but also for presentations to customers.

  • February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day
  • February 24 - Maslenitsa


  • March 8 - International Women's Day, everything is clear here.

For example, give customers tulips when buying or just like that.

  • March 15 - World Consumer Rights Day

Tell us in social networks about the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and, for example, on the rules for returning goods - show that there is nothing stressful and terrible about this, that you are a customer-oriented company.

  • March 20 - International Day of Happiness

  • March 21 - World Poetry Day

Ask your social media subscribers about your favorite poems, organize a contest of readers within the company and show the best employees in stories on Instagram.

  •  March 27 - International Theater Day

Raffle theater tickets among everyone who has made purchases that day. Conduct a public talk with a famous actor / actress or live on social networks on the topic "How to use acting in ordinary life."


  • 1 April - laughter day

Ask your customers to tell about the funniest draws and publish the best stories on social networks, give winners small gifts.

  • 7 April - World Health Day

Tell us about how the right choice of shoes affects human health, show the models in the collection with the anatomically correct insole, anti-shock technologies that reduce the load on the spine, tell us how important it is to choose the right shoes for the child in terms of their future health.

  • 12 April - Cosmonautics Day

You can hold a competition of children's drawings on the theme of space or make a thematic selection of shoes made of metallized materials

  • 13 April - World Rock and Roll Day

Turn on the perky rhythms as the background music in the store, create an atmosphere

  • 17 April- International Coffee Day

Treat visitors with a cup of aromatic coffee. The options are simpler: sweets with coffee flavors or the aroma of coffee in the store, as an element of aromatic marketing, is better than not doing anything at all.

  • 29 April - International Dance Day

You can make a selection of good films for your audience where they dance, or tell the story of the appearance of ballet shoes.


In addition to the May holidays - May Day and Victory Day, the following may come up:

  • 9 May - it’s also Forest Planting Day

You can plant trees in the park, invite your customers to take part in the initiative of landscaping their hometown.

  • 5 May - International Family Day. Special conditions for purchases for the whole family or a competition for the best family photo in your shoes or just that.
  • 18 May - International Museum Day

Show on social networks museum exhibits from the shoe world, for example, the boots Napoleon wore on or tell about interesting thematic exhibitions.

  • 20 May - Jeans birthday

Everyone who comes in jeans for a purchase on this day will receive a sponge or a napkin for shoes as a gift.

  • 28 May - Brunettes Day

All brunettes that day receive compliments from the company: bonuses, gifts, small discounts, surprises.

  • 31 May - World Blondes Day

Events by analogy with brunettes, or you can share quotes of famous blondes on the subject of shoes: for example, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Evelina Khromtchenko and many others are known for their well-aimed statements.


  • 1 June - World Children's Day

Conduct a master class for young buyers or a competition for the best drawing.

  • 9 June - International Friends Day

The action "Bring a friend - get a gift or a discount." You can invite a photographer and make magnets with friendly photo shoots right on the spot: 2 for the price of one or for free.

  • 14 June - International Blogger Day

Invite bloggers to a client day, arrange pranks, give gifts. In return, get content and numerous mentions in social networks.

The continuation of the calendar of events for the fashion store is in the next article.

The buyer needs to entertain, surprise, constantly coming up with new and new ways of attracting the audience to the store, to the site and in social networks. Customers today are spoiled and overwhelmed with stocks and news feeds ...
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