"Adult Sales"
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"Adult Sales"

Adult sales. 19 management tools. - SPb .: Peter, 2013 

Asya Barysheva, who helped Sberbank, MTS, VimpelCom and other major companies build the sales process, in her next book examines all the stages of this process and, with illustrative examples of Russian business reality, shows where and why the sales process can fail ... One of the main tenets is that sales are not only the responsibility of employees, who "themselves should be interested in selling more." Asya shows that without a systematic approach based on the product, customer interaction and the organization of the sales department, sales will always bring less profit than they could. Actually, sales become "adult" only when responsibility for them is not shifted to employees of different departments, and the sales process is organized thoroughly and wisely. 

What are the specifics: Each chapter of the book is clearly structured, offering different tools, options for the development of the situation, item planning and tables. A very useful addition is the presence of real cases and non-trivial advice. What is pleasant, the book was written without lyrical digressions and lengthy discourses "about the fate of the nation" - only a condensation of experience and sensible suggestions.

Who needs to read: managers of wholesale companies and managers of sales departments at the manufacturer

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