10 Instagram Shooting Ideas
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10 Instagram Shooting Ideas

Fashion photography for social networks has become an integral part of the business process of any shoe store. The consumer is becoming more and more demanding, which is why photographs of shoes are already selling much worse. The new era dictates its own requirements for shooting: it must sell, that is, show the original differences from competitors, the best properties of the product, its most beautiful sides - whether it is the original design of the heel or an unusual texture, bold colors and applied modern technologies. The person should want to look at your photos and "stick" in your feed for a long time.

How to show shoes in an original way? Here are 10 ideas to help you overcome your creative crisis and show off your shoes on social media in all their glory. This article aims to help you find inspiration and quickly bring your idea to life.

1. Palm trees, leaves, flora

The use of additional objects in the frame in the form of leaves looks very fresh and organic. Thus, it is best to display summer collections of shoes, clothing and accessories. Agree, the mood immediately appears!

2. Flowers

Flowers will help add a cute accent to shoes and accessories - a feminine silhouette, as well as a touch of humor and ease of perception. We specially made them a separate item, because in this way you can show not only the summer, but also the demi-season collection.

3. Geometry: lines, textures and color

What if you just have a background and shoes? Use the principles of geometry, they will make the pictures much brighter and more interesting, there will be a single idea and composition. The perfect story is when the bright and contrasting colors of the shoe elements continue in the background composition, which looks very interesting in the final shot.

4. "Shadow-boxing"

When the shadow in the photo is an additional accent - it attracts the attention of a potential client, you want to look at such a picture longer. If you have a basic collection of shoes and accessories of a strict silhouette, without additional accessories, bright colors or prints, then this solution is perfect.

5. Mirrors

The use of mirrors and reflective elements makes photography very unusual, there is additional perspective and depth in the frame, as if the model is Alice in Wonderland from the book of Lewis Carroll, and she wants to get into the Looking Glass. Mirrored surfaces make the frame mysterious and magical, especially if your collection is bold: with prints, decor, textures or curly heels.

6. In the shop

Fashion photography in the store has become a trend in 2020 and is still not slowing down. It turns out shocking shots in the style of the 90s or a little weird in the pop art style. Thus, you can come up with and tell a whole story that will be of interest to your customers.

7. Lunch time

The fashion industry loves to flirt with food from time to time. In the filming, table setting items are deliberately used, as well as any food: fruits, vegetables, desserts ... But you need to be careful so as not to offend or offend anyone. If done correctly, it all looks amazing together!

8. Styling for Street Style

Shoe and apparel companies can create street style footage even with a minimal budget. All you need is a model in character, a beautiful location and a camera / phone.

9. Just feet

We started by saying that just taking off your shoes and feet is boring. But how can you make it more interesting? It is enough just to show your imagination, based on the analysis of your customer audience: who are they, what do they do, how do they spend their weekends? Imagine yourself in their place, come up with a story, reflect it in the shooting - and everything will work out.

10 The strangest environment

How else to get attention when you've tried all of the above? The answer is obvious - boldly go from the opposite, that is, add contrast and challenge to the frame. Find things that have absolutely nothing to do with the theme of fashion, which will look strange in the frame, but it will be impossible to take your eyes off the final composition.

The article was prepared by Ekaterina Sergeeva
Fashion photography for social networks has become an integral part of the business process of any shoe store. The consumer is becoming more and more demanding, that's why photographs of shoes are already being sold ...
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