6 models from the brand collection for the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection
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6 models from the brand collection for the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

Less than a month is left before the spring session of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition in Moscow, where collections of leading European autumn-winter 2019-2020 shoe brands will be presented. Anticipating the event, Shoes Report publishes an overview of some of the brands participating in the exhibition. 6 brands, different styles - classic, casual, sport.

1 Technology Plus Design

Sneakers Geox Modual fall-winter 2019-2020 Sneakers Geox Modual fall-winter 2019-2020

Italian brand Geox For many years, is a regular participant in the Euro Shoes exhibition in Moscow. The brand's collection includes models of women's, men's and children's shoes of everyday style. And the brand itself is known for its unique technologies that allow you to create shoes that “breathe”. However, in addition to “breathable” shoes, Geox also has shoes with moisture protection in its arsenal. For example, the model of Geox Modual men's sneakers from the collection of the autumn-winter brand 2019 / 20 has a removable toe with a built-in microporous Amphibiox membrane, which provides reliable protection against water penetration.

2 Grotesque Design

Sneakers Buffalo London Sneakers Buffalo London

One of the brightest youth brands at Buffalo London, which gained its worldwide fame in the 90s, during the period of popularity of the Spice Girls group, to this day surprises with catchy models of sneakers with thick soles. Moreover, the fashion of the 90s - again returned to the catwalks and to the streets. Grotesque design, unexpected material combinations are important components of the brand's models. These sneakers can be combined with any clothing: from a classic coat to an oversized down jacket. The new Buffalo London collection will be presented at the exhibition stand Soho fashion.

3.In vibrant colors.

Women's shoes Francesco Donni Women's shoes Francesco Donni

Russian brand of shoes Francesco donni, whose stand at the Euro Shoes exhibition is always one of the most visited by buyers, again offers something very running and trendy. The model of high boots from the fall-winter 2019 / 20 brand collection presented in the review combines retro and modernity, style and comfort, and a very positive color scheme. Boots with genuine leather upper, with a metal zipper fastener located in front, a round toe and a thick grooved sole (composition: polyurethane, rubber and thermoplastic) look recognizable and fresh enough to the right degree. They are part of the line of shoes Francesco Donni, made in Portugal, and it is no coincidence that they were released in bright colors. You can choose from - deep blue, classic black, rich burgundy and green.

4 Sports Classic

Men's shoes sneakers James Franco Men's shoes sneakers James Franco

Turkish shoe brand James Franco First time participating in the Euro Shoes exhibition. In the collection of the brand are men's shoes of classic style and sport-casual style. The Turkish manufacturer produces shoes solely from natural materials, and at the same time manages to keep fairly affordable prices. The low sneakers presented in the review, with a genuine leather upper, are a classic of casual sports shoes. A neat logo and contrasting lines, restrained colors - deep blue, brown and black ... The model looks quite conservative on the one hand, and not boring on the other, and can become a base in a men's wardrobe, especially during the early autumn.

5. Special Handwriting

Women's boots Paul Green Women's boots Paul Green

Women's shoes of the Austrian brand Paul Green - a new word in the collection of brands Euro Shoes. Comfort and elegance, strict architecture and a combination of materials are the hallmarks of the shoes of this brand. Designers of the brand create not boring classics and comfort, relying on natural materials. All models are strictly European production.

6.Just Convenient

Men's Forelli boots Men's Forelli boots

Another newcomer to the exhibition is the Turkish brand Forelli... Under this brand, men's and women's comfortable shoes are produced from natural materials - leather, suede, nubuck, textiles. Very calm in style, the models are designed primarily to provide comfort when walking. Forelli shoes will be appreciated by those who, in their choice, are guided by such qualities as comfort, light weight, good fit and natural materials.

Less than a month is left before the spring session of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition in Moscow, which will present collections of leading European brands of shoes for the fall-winter season 2019-2020. ...
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