Instagram and the shoe business: how to make your account a seller?
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Instagram and the shoe business: how to make your account a seller?

Today, no one argues about the need to develop a brand on social networks. Every regional shoe store has its own Instagram account, not to mention the big federal players. But having an account does not guarantee sales. In order for your account to start selling, it is important to avoid mistakes and follow some rules. SR expert Maria Gerasimenko analyzes the most common mistakes that prevent effective work on Instagram and gives recommendations on how to improve the indicators of the SMM direction.

Maria Gerasimenko Maria Gerasimenko -

CEO of FashionAdvisers, an expert in the management and development of fashion business.

@mariagerra, www.fashion-advisers.ru

TOP mistakes made by entrepreneurs and their inexperienced SMM specialists:

1. Boost subscribers using bots and mass-following

There has long been a stereotype that the more subscribers an account has, the cooler the brand. It is this false landmark that pushes business owners and managers to turn to "specialists" who, in a matter of hours, increase the number of subscribers using bots and mass-following.

Bots are robots, accounts for which there are no living people. Robots do not watch the news feed, do not respond to your posts, and, of course, do not buy.

Mass following is also a dubious service. To do this, already living people create several accounts from which they subscribe to the account that requested the service. They also don't view the news feed or respond to your posts.

Thus, accounts gain the number of subscribers, while deliberately reducing their reach and engagement.

Coverage is a performance metric for your account that describes the number of unique users your content has been shown to.

Involvement Is the number of users who interact with your content in any way: like, save, comment on publications, write to direct.

Account sales depend on the reach and engagement of your live, real subscribers.

2. Lack of work with comments

Often, even for large accounts, you can notice such an oversight: they either do not respond to subscribers' comments, or respond briefly, concisely, without motivating the interlocutor to continue communication.

There are several basic rules of community management:

  • timely replies to subscribers' comments (<15 minutes);
  • give full, detailed answers even to short questions;
  • identify the needs of buyers;
  • try to end your answers with a question;
  • Be polite in communication, even if the subscriber is rude to you.

3. Monotonous content

There are 6 types of content on Instagram, these are: publications with photos, stories, reels, IGTV, live broadcasts, masks. Small businesses often have the sin of publishing only publications with photos, not realizing that it is important to periodically upload video reviews, mini-master classes, go live and be sure to post interesting, sticky stories every day.

Content types have been sorted out, however, there is another kind of monotony that is ubiquitous on Instagram. This is the monotony of photo content. In the accounts of shoe stores, these are usually legs in various shoes against the background of a pouf, monotonous flatlays (layouts), and of course, professional photos from suppliers who wander from one account to another.

There should be variety in the tape (and not a stream of monotonous layouts, especially on the floor or with tags on headless mannequins - this is not a showcase).

Another common problem is image quality. On Instagram we upload square photos, any other format in the feed gets cropped and doesn't always look attractive. Check how the picture will look in the feed by posting a different format.

It is worth paying attention to the composition of the picture, if necessary, you will have to align the horizon, watch out for what is in the background.

It is necessary to process images at least minimally, correcting leather color, exposure, white balance - here all colors and shades should be natural.

It is also necessary to use different angles for shooting, so that there is variety in the tape, do not put 2 identical frames next to and above each other.

What else is important:

1. Get inspired by ideas on Pinterest, create inspiration boards and repeat the frames you like. Remember, you CANNOT take photos from Pinterest to your account! This is a violation of rights, for which you can lose your account. Only get inspired and use as references!

2. Be inspired by other accounts, not competitors. Read more, watch, follow bloggers with your audience, so you will understand what is interesting to your subscribers, their problems. Read stylist bloggers, follow trends.

What to look for when shooting Instagram products:

  1. Image quality. You need to wipe your phone camera before shooting! A huge number of pictures were taken poorly only because of the dirty camera.
  2. Watch the horizon line and do not overwhelm it. In the pictures, align the horizon immediately in the phone settings.
  3. Take a few shots to choose a better one.
  4. Choose a suitable survey point. Shoot children at eye level, sit down or lower the phone. When shooting above eye level, the child's proportions change and appear disproportionate. Shooting at eye level is the most comfortable for perception. Of course, you need to take several shots of your hair from different angles to get the best result.
  5. Control the background. Make sure that there are no unnecessary items, bags and things, debris, mops, wires.
  6. Choose suitable locations for shooting that are not overloaded with details.
  7. Shoot from different angles, process naturally. Optimally in the Lightroom mobile app. VSCO, Snapseed can be used.
  8. You can remove unnecessary details in Photoshop Fix. But it is better to make the frame initially good, to look for the desired angle.
  9. If we want to show details, seams, leather texture, then it is better to shoot large elements. Come closer, use the macro camera for your phone or the "LOOP" tool in the IPhone settings.
  10. We pay attention to the details of the photo: we correct the defects of the leather of the face, the leather of the hands, if there is in the frame, in the presence of hands in the frame, we pay attention to the manicure. The leather should be free from defects, smoother, but do not overdo it with processing. Processing doesn't have to be obvious!

leather and face applications: Photoshop Fix, Airbrush, YouCam Perfect + Lightroom color correction and grain blending as needed if leather becomes too blurry.

Today, no one argues about the need to develop a brand on social networks. Every regional shoe store has its own Instagram account, not to mention the big federal players. But…
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