What are her cool sneakers
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What are her cool sneakers

They are beautiful. Everyone likes their life. They're more than just the American Dream. They sell it. They are the Jones family. Successful, beautiful, wealthy spouses Steve and Keith Jones with children. And the fake ones - the marketing company hired them to portray the happy couple to advertise the ideal lifestyle, along with a million different products.

The marketing message is as simple as five cents: "Look, envy, buy." What did Kate (Demi Moore) wear today? What golf clubs does Steve (David Duchovny) play in golf? The heroes of the film call this approach the "wave effect": "If people like you, they also like your things." And this approach works one hundred percent. “What cool sneakers she has,” the neighbors whisper after Kate ... and empty the shops. By the way, at that moment Kate was wearing the model The Fora of the Swiss company MBT (the cost of a pair in American retail is about $ 245). While those around them admire the ideal family, the Joneses are forced to sort out among themselves. The Jones Family is a witty comedy about family values ​​in a consumer society, about how real life turns into 24-hour product placement and what comes of it.

SR78_Marketing_MBT_1.jpgThe film is the directorial debut of Derrick Borte (a native of Frankfurt, Borte shot corporate videos for a very long time, so the advertising business is well known to him from the inside). The budget of the Jones Family is $ 10 million. The film was released in American distribution on 13 on September 2009 of the year. World fees have already reached $ 2,5 million. The Russian premiere is scheduled for August 19 2010 year.

One of the main "roles" in the film was played by MBT shoes. By the way, the stars of the screen and show business have noticed this “heroine” for a long time ... Many are sure that the Californian goddesses and beauty queens live fluttering from the beach to the club at high heels. But they never forget about their health. That's why ten years ago MBT put on the first-magnitude Hollywood stars Salma Hayek, Al Pacino and Antonio Banderas. “Their personal trainers recommended wearing MBT while shopping or at airports, it’s very convenient to move from one terminal to another,” says MBT CEO Marcus Welt. Fans of anti-shoes became Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Aguilera.

Later, supermodels Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen joined the stars of cinema and show business. Most likely, you rarely see them in the MBT on the podium, since MBT is not so much a mod as a function, but supermodels spend much more time in life with the MBT product. After all, even a half-hour walk in the MBT reminds the leg muscles that they did something extraordinary. The whole secret is in the sole. It is round like a small canoe. Thanks to the harmonious interaction of the patented elements - the sole, the polyurethane intermediate insert and the so-called Masai sensor - a feeling of instability is created, similar to that which occurs when you walk barefoot along the loose sand. Such a shoe design makes a person sway slightly even when he is standing — it took more than 10 years of scientific research to create this revolutionary technology. To maintain balance, the body reflexively responds to instability of the sole by involving more muscles than when walking in ordinary shoes. This returns the feet, knees, spine, head to a more natural position and keeps them healthy longer. Of course, our joints are able to correct unnatural movements on the asphalt, to which we are already accustomed. But only at their own expense. And the design of MBT is designed taking into account human physiology. “Footwear” turns into a simulator, helping to get rid of stress, back pain and cellulite. Muscles train not only while walking, but even when a person is standing.

For comparison, an annual subscription to a fitness club in Moscow costs on average about 20 thousand rubles, one session of anti-cellulite massage costs 810 rubles, and at least 10 – 15 procedures are required to achieve an acceptable result. Against this background, the cost of footwear (in retail - from $ 300 per pair) compares favorably with a reasonable ratio of expenses and health care. The traditional sales channel is shop-in-shop in multi-brands. Large-scale marketing of MBT began in the UK. And at Harrods, MBT is still a bestseller. The peculiarity of this department store is that MBT is sold here by company specialists, and not by their own sellers. But in any other stores, the basis of sales is good consulting work. It should be borne in mind that MBT sales do not directly correlate with the buyer’s income. The traditional emphasis on functionality is now complemented by new design solutions. The new sole design opens up great opportunities for creative delights - thanks to which a unity of attractive shape and exceptional content is achieved.

To understand the commercial opportunities that you can strive for: in April 2010, 1,2 thousand pairs were sold in Milan monobrand. In Russia, the company's official distributors first introduced buyers to the MBT concept at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection presentation in February 2010, and in July retail sales began in Moscow, Tver, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-Don.

How did MBT shoes come about? Its creators have long and carefully studied the gait of the representatives of the Masai African people. This tribe is unique: despite the nomadic life, none of its members found even the slightest signs of leg disease. Their movements became the prototype for the MBT footwear. Actually, it stands for Masai Barefoot Technology (by the way, the company, to the best of its ability and ability, helps African residents, for example, it drills wells for drinking water for Masai).

This is the only brand for the development of which 30 studies on the physiology of the foot were carried out. Now in production is the fifth generation of MBT soles.

SR78_Marketing_MBT_2.jpgThe results are obvious.

If you put on MBT for a couple of minutes, your posture will be corrected immediately.

If worn for several days in a row, stabilizing muscles (small muscles located around the joints) are stimulated.

If you wear MBT for a month, coordination of movements improves and an increase in muscle strength and endurance is observed.

If you wear MBT constantly (a year or more) - the adaptation of connective tissue to long-term loads is ensured. Did you know that it is this tissue that determines the morphological and functional integrity of the body, and its disorder is the cause of almost all diseases of the spine, feet, and also omission of organs. That is why increased attention to it pays off handsomely.

The optimal everyday option for combining traditional shoes and MBT: 20 – 30% of the time to wear regular shoes, 80 – 70% - MBT. Shoes are contraindicated only for diabetics and pregnant women, if before that they did not wear MBT. Everyone else has a great opportunity to maintain a perfect posture to a very old age, and for buyers is a great option to find a reliable and professional partner supplier.

Spouses Steve and Keith Jones with children are rich and successful. And the fake ones - the marketing company hired them to portray a happy couple to advertise the ideal lifestyle, and along with ...
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