The subtleties of music marketing
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The subtleties of music marketing

Despite a decrease in purchasing power and volume of purchases, shopping is still a source of positive emotions and vivid impressions for consumers. Music is one of the important tools for creating such emotions and impressions.

No one loves oppressive silence and other people's conversations. It is checked - if you remove the music from the hall, sales for the first time still stay at the same level, because the habit is in place and people by inertia continue to come to the same store, and then fall. Some of the buyers begin to go to other stores, and some simply quickly make the necessary purchases and leave, experiencing a strange feeling that something is wrong with the store.

Properly selected music content can not only immerse the visitor in a pleasant atmosphere, but also extend his time in the store by 15%, and increase conversion by turning a person passing by first into a visitor, and then into a buyer - by 18-20%.

About 20% of information comes to us through the auditory canal. According to Market Music retail research, the inclusion of audio ads in the background music grid allows you to increase the number of impulse purchases by 35% and sales of promotional items by 15%.

When creating the musical design of the store, it is important to take into account the age, wealth and style preferences of the target audience. Jazz and classics are perfect for an expensive boutique, but they will discord with the atmosphere of a discounter.

If the fast fashion store sounds modern high-quality music in the Europop style with relevant hits, then the goods there will be perceived as fashionable and in demand by customers. This effect is even more obvious when the store is not in a big city, but in the province - the buyer immediately begins to feel part of the fashion world and wants to try on trendy things.

“It is interesting that on the eve of the New Year holidays, the situation with the use of different styles and directions is changing, there is a certain transformation and mixing of the entire retail into a single whole, since the majority uses well-known and loved hits of the festive theme to create an atmosphere for everyone. In a sense, shopping is turning into a kind of endless journey from store to store to the same music, ”said Anna Malinina, CEO of Mood Media Russia. - Perhaps this is right, because it creates an overall good mood, but I want to recommend, on the contrary, to forget that the music should be special, like many sports brands do, so as not to merge with the world, losing its face. There are other interesting options, for example, one modern shopping center decided to celebrate the New Year with the heroes of Star Wars, launching tracks from the film expected in December in its broadcast. It’s worth combining New Year’s music with the usual to give a certain color to the musical design in December and January. ”

The musical background should vary depending on the time of day, attendance intervals, seasonality and other parameters. Therefore, the content must be managed systematically, taking into account the influence of music on the physical and emotional state of a person. By combining complex and simple music, its tempo, minor or major tone, as well as due to the volume and sound quality, you can improve your mood and win over the buyer. Where people feel comfortable, they tend to stay longer and return to this place more often in order to once again experience pleasant sensations.
Despite a decrease in purchasing power and volume of purchases, shopping is still a source of positive emotions and vivid impressions for consumers. Music is one of the important ...
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