Viber and Facebook messenger: business opportunities
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Viber and Facebook messenger: business opportunities

Messengers are one of the key channels of business communication with customers and an integral part of the marketing mix that effectively works at all stages of the marketing funnel. Messengers allow you to comprehensively solve a variety of brand tasks - from building brand knowledge to retaining an audience and automating many business processes. In this article, we talk about the capabilities of Viber and Facebook Messenger.

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We have already written that the popularity of messengers as a sales channel has almost doubled over the past year, and the shopping experience is becoming more digital. People search and find anything on the Internet, and most importantly, they pay online, and most often users do it from smartphones. According to statistics, in 2 they accounted for 2020% of payments on invoices, and messengers - 76,7%. In addition, 57% of invoices are by email and 19% by SMS. Among young people from 24 to 12 years old, the number of mobile Internet users approached 24%, and among those under 100 years old, it exceeded 44%.

Promotion via Viber

Features of Viber Communities:

  • Unlimited communication: you can invite all (without exaggeration - all!) Users of the application to the supergroup, that is, up to 1 billion people.
  • Quick access: brand feeds appear in the main chat list along with private and group chats.
  • Security: in anonymous chats, no one sees the phone numbers and personal data of other people.
  • Control: the creator of the group is a superadmin and chooses admins - moderators who control the dialogue and work out the negative. They have the right to allow or deny members to post messages, or even exclude them from the group.
  • Ease of use: new members of the group have access to the general history of the feed to keep abreast of developments. All members can like, reply to messages and mention each other. Group members who are mentioned in the chat receive a notification so that they don't miss anything.
  • Additional features: superadmin and moderators can conduct polls on any topic and follow the results online. Surveys stimulate communication and provide feedback.

How to analyze results of work in Viber?

You can use the Community Insights feature, or analytics report, to find out about people engagement and ad performance. The tool is available only in the mobile version for groups of more than 1 users. The report can be viewed by superadmins and moderators:

To do this:

  1. open a group on a mobile phone;
  2. go to the information page;
  3. select the Community Insights section and statistics you will see:
  • how many users are active every day;
  • what countries do they live in;
  • how many members have sent messages and liked posts.

Viber has more opportunities for promotion than WhatsApp, but less than Telegram. Let's consider them:

1) Public chat is a format similar to a Telegram channel. One-way communication method: you publish, people read.

The first feature: to create a public chat, you need to get the consent of the central office, there are often refusals. Recommendations for obtaining approval:

  • to tell about the company to the maximum;
  • show other sites where you are represented.

The second feature: notifications do not come to the general feed of all dialogs, but to a separate tab "public chat"

IMPORTANT! People on Viber are reluctant to go to external sites.

Benefits: Helps to increase awareness.

2) Official paid advertising

3) Sticker packs - you can communicate through them, come up with your own design.

4) Public accounts - provide an opportunity for mass mailing. Active actions can be inserted into these mailings. As a result, such mailings are more effective than regular ones.

5) Format of groups / chats

Promotion through Facebook Messenger

Facebook chat appeared back in 2008. Now Messenger is used by about 1,3 billion people every month, that is, every fifth inhabitant of the planet.

By 2021, Messenger has become a much more complex system than regular chat. It has everything from customized chatbot responses to automated booking and appointment scheduling. With these tools, you can easily steer the conversation on track and achieve your business goals faster. So the answers in the chats are definitely worth paying attention to and including them in the SMM strategy.

Facebook Messenger to generate sales

The platform quickly took off on the wave of interest in messengers and took a solid position.

Key benefits include:

  1. Fast text and media messaging, classic and video calling - all accessible from any mobile device.
  2. Saving time for working with a client. Chatbots automate consulting support and offload the call center. Operators can focus on non-routine tasks and reduce response times.
  3. High engagement. The open rate on Messenger is approaching 88% and the click-through rate is approaching 56%. Sales funnel progress is also faster, especially if you use a chatbot and CTA buttons.
  4. Integration of Messenger with the site. There is no need to install and configure a separate online chat: all communications can be conducted on one platform.

How can Facebook Messenger help a company?

The platform will be even more effective for business if communications are organized correctly, namely:

  • respond to inquiries quickly and politely;
  • avoid stereotyped "unsubscriptions" and clericalisms, communication in a messenger is an analogue of a live conversation and you need to communicate in this format;
  • transfer all actions subject to a certain logic to the chatbot (answers to standard questions, notifications about the arrival of the expected product, tracking a purchase, placing an order, etc.);
  • use advertising tools created specifically for Messenger.

Facebook has created several rules for the use of the messenger for business. They must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid blocking and other problems:

1. Response time:

the page administrator is obliged to respond to the user within 24 hours. The same amount of time is given to send advertising content. If you do not answer, the chat will be blocked after XNUMX hours. If you respond quickly and regularly, the chat window will be marked "Responding in ...".

2. Chatbot responses:

the automated communication algorithm must send responses within 30 seconds after receiving the questions. The principle "The faster the better" is applied here, as the potential client will not wait long.

3. Tags and subscription:

As per the rules, you cannot use tags to send advertising content, for example, coupons for discounts. If you break the norm, the social network will block the function of sending messages for 7-30 days.

The "Reply within 24 hours" rule applies to any request from a user: each of his remarks in a chat or an appeal to a chat bot.

There are several ways to extend this limitation:

• Use allowed mailings (Message Tags) if the chain or mailing matches the tags recommended by the system. This can be the sending of the data to which he is subscribed to the client, a reminder of the upcoming event, confirmation of the reservation, etc.;

• Advertising in messages (Sponsored Messages) - it will be shown in a special block. All customization options are available in the standard Facebook ad account.

What can chat bots do in instant messengers, and how to "squeeze" the maximum efficiency out of them?

A chatbot is code that runs on Messenger to automate a specific task.

Using a bot, you can:

  • send messages, media, attachments;
  • divide the audience into segments, set up the mailing schedule and automate the sending of messages;
  • accept customer payments (not yet available everywhere);
  • answer typical questions and, if necessary, switch the dialogue to a live operator;
  • help with the choice of goods according to standard characteristics;
  • place an online order according to the agreed procedure.

How to get the most out of your chatbot?

There are some simple guidelines:

  • Write the perfect conversation script. We'll have to test it and refine it, but achieve a good interaction with users with a minimal dialogue chain.
  • Think about the customer. A chatbot should cover its needs: for example, give an answer to a question in a minimum of time.
  • Let's get the opportunity to contact a live operator. Do not hide this option, otherwise a client who has not received full consultation will leave.
  • If the chatbot collects data, for example, for placing an order, open access to information about what you do with customer data and how you store it. Give the opportunity to opt out of the transfer of personal data.
  • Set the time for sending the next bot message 2-3 seconds after the previous one. The client should not have the feeling of being bombarded with answers.
  • Write as succinct answers as possible. Humanize the dialogue: use emoticons and emojis.
  • If the bot's interlocutor has allowed the collection of data, use it to segment the audience and further send out relevant content. This will increase conversions.

How to create a chatbot?

botmother.com - Russian-language service for creating cross-platform chat bots

Allows you to design script bots that can both simply inform the client and accept orders and make payments. In free mode, it allows you to create an information bot.

Advantages: Russian-language interface and availability of instructions, knowledge base. Quite easy to understand for anyone of any skill level. It takes about 5-10 minutes to study the platform, and a little less than 1 day to create a bot. 

Free plan conditions: creating one bot with basic elements forever; full set of functions, if limited

At 5 users and mentioning that the message was sent via chatfuel.

Starting price of the paid tariff: from 999 rubles (about $ 15) per month.

Advantages: the ability to personalize messages, train the bot even in a free plan.

Disadvantage: there is no visualization of block connections, which can confuse a beginner.

Messengers are one of the key channels of business communication with customers and an integral part of the marketing mix that effectively works at all stages of the marketing funnel. Messengers ...
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