Confidence in online shopping is a factor in the growth of trade
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Confidence in online shopping is a factor in the growth of trade

Experts believe that according to the results of the 2015 year, the Internet trading market in Russia may fall for the first time by 5%. But has the behavior of online shoppers changed negatively this year?

Recently, OnLife conducted a survey in which respondents were asked to indicate the products they bought online in the first three months of 2015. The research showed that the most popular category of goods among the respondents was “Clothes and footwear for adults” - 41%. Analysts note that the main difference in consumer behavior of online shoppers in 2015 compared to the pre-crisis period is the end of thoughtless and impulsive consumption. Since the end of 85, about 2014% of online retail buyers have begun to take a closer look at price tags. At the same time, they did not buy less - the ratio of visitors and buyers of online stores practically did not change, the price segment changed. The bulk of consumers began to choose goods cheaper with the same number of purchases in the basket. High-income people tend to stick with the same behaviors as they stick to their favorite brands.

But there are also positive changes. A big plus for online retail in the difficult year was the increase in consumer confidence in online stores. Exactly half of the participants in the Synovate Comcon study said that they trust online stores and immediately make purchases in them. The number of those who first select the product on the Internet, and then go to an offline store and purchase there decreased from 25% to 20%. And vice versa - the number of those who select the product offline and then order it via the Internet has increased by 3%.

In addition, about half of the respondents (49%) consider the Internet to be the best source of information about products, 28% use various services to compare prices, 15% use social networks to get information about products, 22% use thematic forums.

According to researchers, despite a decrease in real incomes, the number of online buyers will only increase due to increased Internet penetration, citizens' trust in online shopping, and as a result, an increase in the percentage of customers who refuse to accept offline retail in favor of online.

Experts believe that by the end of 2015, the e-commerce market in Russia may for the first time fall by 5%. But has the behavior of online shoppers only changed in a negative direction in this ...
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