Representatives of medium and small retail are not aware of the new Law on the mandatory implementation of online cash registers
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Representatives of medium and small retail are not aware of the new Law on the mandatory implementation of online cash registers

Until 1 July 2017, all Russian stores of various formats (online and offline), online stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and other organizations that make settlements with customers of goods and services using cash registers, must necessarily implement online box office. This was reported to reporters at a large press conference in the Russia Today MIA, which was held in Moscow on Wednesday the night of September 7, with the participation of representatives of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, network and online retail, Internet commerce, and the business organization Delovaya Rossiya IT companies. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Russian entrepreneurs do not know anything about the ongoing trade reform.

According to the latest version of the Federal Law No. 54 “On the use of cash registers in cash payments and (or) payments using payment cards,” now business will transfer all sales to the tax service via a special cloud server (fiscal data operator ) in real time, and not once a year, as it was before.

The amendments to the 54-ФЗ entered into force in July of the 2016 of the year (adopted on the 14 of the June of the 2016 of the third reading), and for all changes - the modernization of the existing cash register equipment (CCP) or the acquisition of a new, already equipped with an online data transfer function, staff training, re-registration of new equipment in the tax authorities and other organizational issues related to the implementation of the new law, the retailer actually has 9,5 months left. However, 70% of Russia's business is very poorly aware of the mandatory introduction of online cash desks, and 40% do not know anything about the reform carried out by the Federal Tax Service of Russia and the new legislative requirements. This is evidenced by the results of a joint study of the Levada Center and the ATOL IT company specializing in the development and supply of equipment and software for automation of retail and services, for trade management. These data were announced at a press conference.

The new legislative requirements apply to all organizations that make settlements with the population on the territory of the Russian Federation: network and non-food food and non-food retail of various formats, online stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, pharmacies, gas stations, car services, law firms and other organizations providing services to the population, and soon to payment terminals and vending machines.

From February 2017, the stage will begin when the registration or re-registration of cash registers will be possible only under the new rules. From July 1 to 2017, the old order ceases to apply to all who are required to apply the CCP (see above).

Retail representatives asked the fiscal authorities to introduce a six-month transition period after July 1, 2017, motivating the request by the fact that many market leaders, large retail (chains with up to 10 stores throughout the country), postponed the re-equipment of their cash register fleet "for later" and this can make it difficult to comply with the law on time. On the other hand, representatives of medium and small businesses do not know anything at all and have not heard about the new trading rules.

“The data of the All-Russian survey of entrepreneurs, which we conducted together with the analytical center of Yuri Levada, indicates that about 70% of the Russian business community is poorly aware of the amendments to the 54-FZ that require the mandatory introduction of online cash registers. At the same time, 40% of respondents from this number for the first time heard about the new requirements of the law, about 30% of the interviewed said a superficial acquaintance with the amendments, without understanding their essence and impact on the business, ”said Alexey Makarov, member of the General Council of“ Business Of Russia ”, President of ATOL.

Meanwhile, if a store, cafe or restaurant does not install new online technology, they cannot avoid sanctions from the fiscal authorities. “After July 1, 2017, such organizations will not be able to use KKT, since the old equipment will not be such. Formally, this is non-use of cash registers, a check issued by old cash registers will no longer be considered a fiscal document, ”explained Andrey Budarin, acting head of the Operational Control Department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. For non-compliance with the law, the fine for legal entities will be 50 rubles plus the amount of unaccounted revenue.

According to Andrey Budarin, the buyer will be able to check any of his checks through the cloud and complain to the Federal Tax Service of Russia. “The system makes it possible to automate the identification of risks of violations and makes illegal manipulations with proceeds senseless,” he stressed.

Also at a press conference, media representatives were informed that Delovaya Rossiya and ATOL are launching the federal educational project 54-ФЗ: all about the main Re: form of trade rules, the aim of which is to train entrepreneurs across the country to correctly switch to online box office and transmitting sales data to the Federal Tax Service in real time.

Until July 1, 2017, all Russian stores of various formats (chain and non-chain), online stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and other organizations that make settlements with customers ...
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