Eksposhoes shoe exhibition awaits buyers from Russia
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Eksposhoes shoe exhibition awaits buyers from Russia

On November 7-10, Istanbul will host the fourth exhibition of fashionable leather shoes Eksposhoes. About 100 of Turkish manufacturers of shoes, bags and leather goods will take part in it. Erkan Demir, Director of Eksposhoes, invites Russian buyers to attend the event. The Turkish side is ready to pay accommodation to buyers who arrived at the exhibition from Russia.

Ercan Demir Ercan Demir - Director of the exhibition Eksposhoes Istambul

Mr. Demir, how long has the Eksposhoes exhibition been in Istanbul?

Eksposhoes is already two years old. The fourth exhibition will be held in November, and the largest Turkish shoe manufacturers, which are export-oriented, take part in it. About 90% of exhibitors are contract manufacturing companies. About 10% of the exhibitors represent their own footwear brands, such as the Turkish brand La Pinta, which is already known in Russia. All companies have high quality production sites and work with foreign customers.

How many visitors do you expect from Russia?

About 60% of visitors come from Russia or countries that were previously part of the USSR. These are mainly wholesalers and retailers. But we would like to attract the attention of even more representatives of the Russian shoe business, and we are ready to pay for hotel accommodation during all three exhibition days for 300-400 visitors.

What other services besides hotel accommodation do you provide for your guests?

We invite you to stay with us for three days, to see the exhibition, where there will be special places where visitors can relax and have tea or coffee. On the last day of the exhibition, we invite everyone to a gala dinner and a party where you can chat with colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere, make new business acquaintances.

Eksposhoes is located at Pulmann Hotel, the largest hotel in Europe, a five-minute drive from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Moreover, our guests can count on a free transfer from the airport to the hotel. We have provided special free shuttles that will run along this route.
The scheme of the exhibition can be viewed on the website eksfuarcilik.com. You can also fill out the participant’s questionnaire on the exhibition’s website, and by the time you arrive at the hotel, badges for getting to the exhibition event will be ready and delivered to hotel rooms.

Are companies exhibiting mid-price shoes presented at your exhibition?

Yes, average and above. These are mainly companies that produce leather shoes, bags and leather goods. About 100 companies participate in Exposhoes. It is worth noting that representatives of Russian business need not worry about possible difficulties with translating when communicating with exhibitors, basically all exhibitors have their own translators, as they are very interested in working with the Russian market.

What will be the weather on November 7-10 in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, mid-November is a wonderful period, not hot and not cold - about 18-20 degrees.

On November 7-10, Istanbul will host the fourth exhibition of fashionable leather shoes Eksposhoes. About 100 of Turkish manufacturers of shoes, bags and leather goods will take part in it. Attend Russian event ...
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