Euro Shoes Premiere Collection - the strongest win
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Euro Shoes Premiere Collection - the strongest win

Despite the big problems in the Russian economy and the associated drop in consumer demand and the profits of retailers, the shoe market is not going to give up. According to the exhibitors of the Euro Shoes exhibition, which took place at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center in late February, the correct assortment and accurate marketing policy will help to keep sales and not lose the client.

The exhibition confirmed the stability of the market. The interest in the event was demonstrated by the main manufacturers and suppliers who took part in Euro Shoes, and buyers who came to Moscow from more than 70 cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The exhibition area at the winter session was reduced, but not due to the number of exhibitors, but to a greater extent due to the meter footage of company stands, which is quite natural, given the general situation in the fashion market.

About 2015 brands from Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Turkey presented their collections of the autumn-winter 16 / 320 season. Finland. By the middle of the second day of the exhibition, more than 3500 professional buyers who attended the event were recorded.

Following to the goal

According to participants, the exhibition was held in the usual business format, as evidenced by the concluded contracts. The volume of orders is declining, but their number remains at almost the same level. A number of companies noted the emergence of new players who, in the wake of the redistribution of the market caused by the crisis, want to build a new successful business by offering customers high-quality European shoes. This explains their interest in Euro Shoes, the venue that unites leading European shoe manufacturers.

It is worth noting that the crisis spurred many companies to revise their marketing and advertising policies, offering buyers favorable terms of contracts, fixed prices in rubles, special discounts and early deliveries. Thus, with the rocky days, Euro Shoes has become another important factor in building reliable company communications with customers.

Wider step!

Euro Shoes Premiere Collection seminars and master classes Experienced experts from leading fashion retail consulting companies. Visitors to the exhibition had a unique opportunity to learn the most faithful and effective methods of building a business in difficult economic conditions. Of particular interest was the presentation by Kirill Volkov, marketing director of the Academy of Retail Technologies. The expert lucidly explained what kind of marketing mistakes most retailers make in a crisis situation and, importantly, told about what will help them to be avoided.

pokaz caprice.jpgCaprice conducted daily new collection showsattracting a large number of buyers to the podium and its exhibition stands. In the best traditions of the brand, the collection turned out to be diverse and interesting: classic boots with stable heels in it side by side with bright youth models of puffy boots and sneakers with original finishes.

German at the exhibition shoe maker Tamaris held a competition among visitors to the exhibition. Anyone could take a picture near the interactive mirror installed on the Tamaris booth and post the resulting picture on social networks. The participants whose photos scored the largest number of “likes” (in total on both social networks) received fantastic prizes: the winner, who collected 7 of thousands of “likes”, received an iPhone 6 as a gift, and certificates for the purchase of brand shoes for the sums were awarded for second and third places 10 000 and 5000 rubles.

Fashionable winter

The general economic situation did not affect brand designers too much; black prevailed, but did not dominate other colors of the season. In the collections of exhibitors, there was a clear tendency to move away from classic office models to more utilitarian, sporty ones. High heels gave way to stable soles with wide heels. And the trim details - buckles, rivets, tinted leather, which are used by most brands - perfectly emphasize.

posetiteli 2015.jpg

All companies have already confirmed their participation in the summer session. The interest in the next exhibition season is huge, as the organizers will present a new Fashion Pre-collection project in summer along with Euro Shoes. The combination of two strong exhibition venues will certainly attract the attention of a large number of participants and buyers.

Despite the big problems in the Russian economy and the related drop in consumer demand and retailers' profits, the shoe market is not going to ...
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